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Why Getting Fitted for Running Shoes is Important

Are you new to running or back from a long break?

When I first started running I had no idea how important my sneakers were (does anyone say sneakers in the running world?!?!).

The right running shoes can actually change the way your foot hits the ground!


Why Getting Fitted for Running Shoes is Important

Yes, they are amazing, and if you get the wrong ones they can give you: knee pain, hip pain, back pain, ankle pain, blisters, and even injure you.  If you get the right pair they can take away all those pains and decrease your chances of injury!

So, how do you know out of ALL the running shoes out there which ones are right for you?

This is what I have learned:

1.  Go to your local running store to get fitted!

What does it mean to be fitted?  At your local running store they will analyze your gait.  By seeing where you put pressure on your feet and how you run with a neutral shoe, they are able to recommend the best type of shoe for you.  I like to get a gait analysis almost every time I buy a pair of shoes because my gait has change a few times.

2.  Running shoes are expensive!

I’ve wanted new boots for years but every time I go to buy them I just can’t seem to be okay with spending that much money… but yet I have about 10 pairs of $125 runnings shoes (because buying them in pairs is almost necessary so you can switch between runs)  making it really $250 for each run to buy new “sneakers”.  (Sorry, for some reason saying sneakers is making me giggle every time!)

3.  You buy them big!

What do I mean big?  Well, my running shoes are 1 to 1.5 sizes bigger than my regular shoes.  Why?  Many lost toe nails, blisters, and other problems are because the shoes are too tight.  By having the extra room up front your toes won’t hit the shoe and pound over and over while you’re pounding the pavement.

4.  They never have the fun cute colors in my type of shoe!

Ugh, even though my spending suggests that I LOVE my running shoes, it’s usually not because I love how the shoes look.  I remember the first time I went into the running store I started by looking on the wall…  Ahhh, the innocence.  I learned quickly not to even bother looking at all the shoes that weren’t right for me.  It just left me longing… For those adorable bright pink ones that would pronate my foot!  For some reason my shoes were boring white and blue or gray.  This time it was quite the opposite, they are bright red, or dark hot pink, I’m not sure.  At least they are a color!

5.  You buy them often!

Depending on how often you run and if you went ahead and bought two pairs to switch out for your back-to-back run days, you’ll probably buy them every 6 months.  Runner’s World and most running stores recommend buying new ones every 300-500 miles.  I can attest to the difference in new running shoes.  Almost every time I start to feel my knees hurt, it’s because I need a new pair of shoes.

Don’t just dust off those old running shoes!  If you are starting to run again or for the first time, take the time to get fitted just for you!!

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