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Why Can’t They Just Sit Down?!

I really don’t understand what is happening. I have these two precious little boys. They are as cute and sweet as can be, yet I want to ring the necks of all the males in the house when I see the state of our bathrooms.

The fact of the matter is: Boys Don’t Aim

Why do boys have to pee standing up?!

This is a serious issue folks. I am convinced that boys and men don’t actually aim. When I lived alone. The toilets were not in this state. Yes, we could argue that there are more people living in the house now, but I still feel that it is the non-aiming males that live in my house.

Anyone that has boys can understand the horribleness that is the guest bathroom quick clean right before someone is to visit only to have unleashed the pungent urine smell that will certainly NOT go away before your guests arrive. So you are forced to light a candle, put the fan on and close the door. All the while silently praying that no-one will have to pee.  I have heard of the horror stories. The only way to get the smell out is to remove the flooring and walls. Completely replace them. If you are early on in the potty training stage, you can caulk around the toilet. All of this so that boys and men can stand while they pee. Why? Just because they can? As a society, we have moved way past “needing” to stand. Can it be a cool camping trick that only they can do? Can we have men sit down without stripping them of their manhood? Seriously, just because it has always been done this way is not why we should continue any practice.

I say that “we” the Moms of today are in charge of our fate and the condition of our homes. Say no to splashes and tinkles on the seat! Let’s band together and as a unit teach our boys that yes, it’s okay to pee sitting down in the house. Pee standing up at the urinals in public, pee standing up when you are camping or writing in the snow. But when you are in someone’s home, you sit down out of respect to the person cleaning the house. In addition, you wouldn’t just poke a hole in someone’s home or break a fixture. Can this be classified as the same thing? You pee standing up, you don’t see the splashes that turn into puddles, that turn into nasty bacteria and grossness that hides in places we can not reach.

So yes, I think that is a reasonable parenting change that could happen. We pee sitting down in people’s homes. If enough of us band together, we can change what is socially acceptable and save messes everywhere. Who is with me?!

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2 Responses to Why Can’t They Just Sit Down?!

  1. Mary at #

    Part of me is really glad I have both girls, lol! I grew up 20 years younger than all of my siblings, so my nieces and nephews grew up as my siblings, sort of. With that said, I do remember 6 different “gross” boys from my younger years, and dealing with the bathrooms after them. Big families equal gross bathrooms too. Actually…my bathrooms are still gross with both girls! I don’t think we ever get to win, but hey, we can try to change the rules for the better, right?

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Oh goodness Mary,
      Do you think that this is an expectation thing?! Are my expectations off? Should I expect a nasty bathroom and be happy when it’s not?
      I’m sorry to say that I am a bit happy to hear that girls are equally gross? Was I just a tidy person? Hmm…

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