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What I’ve Noticed: Only 2 weeks into 30 Days Sugar Free

I was prompted to go sugar free for 30 days for one main reason:  I was pretty sure I was overdosing on sugar!

30 Days Sugar Free

Now that I’m more than halfway through my 30 Days Sugar Free Challenge I have noticed a few things…

1.  I went through a pretty bad detox that I did not expect.  For the first 2 weeks I had a headache that no medicine could get rid of and body aches that made me think I had the flu!  I knew I had been consuming a ridiculous amount of holiday treats but I didn’t think I would go into such withdrawal when I was still eating fruit.  I was not doing a full blown sugar cleanse, just a “no added sugar” challenge.  Who knew that my body would crave sugar that badly?!?

2.  I was starving!  I’m not kidding I was so hungry I wanted to eat ALL DAY LONG.  At night after dinner the craving for something sweet was so bad my body was screaming “So. Very.  Hungry!”

3.  I turned to salty snacks.  I guess I did not plan well enough for cutting sugar because I could not turn down a bag or box of salty snacks.  I ate all of my kids’ Pirate’s Booty and popcorn.  I’m not proud, especially since I had recently bought them from Costco… Yes, that huge bag.

4.  My skin began to clear up.  My whole life I could count how many times my skin broke out on one hand, until I turned 34.  For the last year I have struggled with adult acne and I knew that cutting sugar would help but didn’t expect it to clear my skin so quickly!

5.  Raisins never tasted so sweet!  I still want to finish my day with something sweet so I have turned to fruit.  Raspberries, blueberries, and especially raisins never tasted so sweet.  It’s like everything is bursting with flavor!

6.  EVERYTHING has added sugar!  It is out of control where I have found added sugar and how MUCH sugar is added to all these things.  I couldn’t have ketchup and unless I make my own bread I had to be OK with a few grams of added sugar.  I’m used to reading labels for eating clean and organic but could not believe how much sugar was added to many of these “healthy” products.

7.  I changed my goal and decided to eat only whole food, nothing processed at all even if it fell it the “clean” category.  I also decided to cut out honey or agave.

8.  I still CRAVE sweets.  I hope that will go away by the end of the 30 days… We will see!

Have you ever or plan to ever cut out sugar and substitute sugar?  It has not been easy but I already feel that it will be a life style change instead of just a challenge.  My husband has jumped on board and now I’m slowly replacing my children’s snacks with whole food alternatives like homemade granola bars.


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