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WAHM Options – Online Retail Boutique with Jessica Throneburg

Jessica Throneburg owns Little Details and Little Details on Etsy.

Welcome to Little Details, your source for personalized gifts and boutique items! You’ll find the latest trends at customer friendly prices, but with the convenience of shopping online!

Who wouldn’t love to shop for a living!


I know a lot of people are doing this, I’m going to do it different and better than everyone else it!

That is how I met Jessica. I was in a Vend Raleigh meeting and we were introducing ourselves. When it was Jessica’s turn she stood up, said those words with a smile and a whole lot of determination. “They” say that if you believe you are half way there. Little Details has taken the internet by storm. What started out as a Facebook Page to see if anyone was interested is now taking Jessica to one of the largest women’s show in the area.

There are so many valuable lessons in my interview with Jessica. What I love about her story is that she was determined to take something and put her personality into it. That is what makes her business unique. She took her business step by step. Each time she succeeded, she took it to the next level.

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