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WAHM Options – Managing Mulitple Businesses with Skye Johnson

If you are not impressed with Skye’s many talents and abilities to keep a million things straight, I think you are plain silly. Many Moms have a special talent or area of expertise. Sometimes it just doesn’t add up to a full-time job. This is where owning your own business gets F.U.N. Nobody can tell you how many to have.

Skye took her years of career and life experience, added a touch of creative talent, a bit of boldness and now runs three successful businesses while she is raising three boys. What I love most about Skye and her business sense is that she is “all in”. For Skye, an idea will come along. After a bit of consideration, if she considers it to be a good fit, she will jump on it full force. Combining her decisive nature, with her incredible business sense she is taking the Jacksonville, FL area by storm.

A lesson I loved from Skye was the pivot within her monogramming business Whimsy By Skye.  Instead of carrying expensive stock of what she thought her client may want, she moved to a model where her clients now bring in their own items. By doing this, she has reduced her overhead (investment in product) and is focusing on the part of the business that thrives. Monogramming clothing already purchased by parents.

By finding a new passion for fitness after having kids, Skye has combined her love for teaching and fitness into her business Tri with Skye. It was born out of the want to teach others what she learned from training for her first Triathlon.  She found it was hard to break into the triathlete scene.  She wanted to share her love for the sport by creating a plan for moms to be successful even with their crazy schedules and inability to get away for long periods of time.  She offers training with her three days a week, plus a plan for the rest of the week.  She also includes a swim clinic, bike clinic, group rides, running speed work, and brick sessions (swimming, biking or running together).

But don’t think that Skye is slowing down anytime soon! She is also the Race Director for The Great Candy Run .

What great pointer does she have for someone starting a business from home?

Decide on business hours and stick to them!  She learned this lesson when she found herself working all through December for 3 years in a row and not being able to focus on all the fun  Christmas festivities.  She said that it’s hard to get away from work when it’s at home to make sure to find a way to unplug.  Either by having a specific office or turning off your phone.  It’s important to know where the line is.


As a friend and coach Skye never ceases to amaze me.  She has created adorable birthday t-shirts for my children and coached me as a runner and triathlete to complete and place in races I never imagined even entering!

~ Vanessa

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3 Responses to WAHM Options – Managing Mulitple Businesses with Skye Johnson

  1. Courtney at #

    Rockstar, what a terrific article! Skye is a wonderful idol to have and a inspiration!

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Courtney, she is and I just met her! 😀


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