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WAHM Options – Graphic Design & Etsy with Derica Justice

My not so secret goal in the not too distant future is to create a paper planner organizer line. So talking to Derica was a bit of a dream for me!

Derica owns Bon Bini Print and Design and Bon Bini on Etsy.

Bon Bini Print & Design was created for individuals who want a unique invitation design experience not found in a store or online. We specialize in outside of the box wedding & event invitations! Bon Bini allows clients the ability to create an invitation or stationery from the ground up and customize any elements of the design all at a reasonable price.

Derica is smack in the middle of the most hectic phase of parenting. Two little ones at home! She has two beautiful sons ages 20 and 3 months old. She did not take a break from her business after she had her second son. This might seem a bit crazy, yet SUPER inspiring! She didn’t “have to” take a break. Some serious adjusting had to happen, but she was still able to stay at home with her children and run her business.

Some key takeaway points from our conversation.

1. Patience – Derica was used to completing a project from start to finish. She now works on them a bit at a time.

2. LOVE What You Do – If you truly love what you do, it will not feel like work.

3. Find GREAT Clients – Working with quality people and giving excellent customer service helps avoid unnecessary headaches.

4. Set Expectations – She increased her turn around time (the amount of time it takes to ship out product once the order is placed) to 3-4 weeks.

5. Supportive Spouse – It is so important for the other adult in your house to understand what running a business from home will require from everyone in the house.


Are you thinking of taking your graphic design knowledge and starting an at home business? Here are some things to consider!

1. Will you be making custom items or semi-custom? This decision will matter for the way you will sell online. Your own website versus Etsy.

2. Will you offer instant downloads (where the customer prints at home) or will you make the products and ship them?

3. Where will you set up your creative space?

4. Get to know the laws in your state regarding how to form a business, sales tax and learn all about shipping!

5. Find a local group of women that can offer support and encouragement. If you are in the Raleigh area two fabulous groups for women in business are BPW Raleigh and Vend Raleigh.

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