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WAHM Options – Blogging with Allison Carter

What a delight to have Allison Carter of Go Dansker Mom on our show. She knows her stuff when it comes to blogging!

There are so many pieces to blogging that it can seem very overwhelming when starting. The most important piece to remember about blogging is that you are starting a business. As with any business, if you are new to it, you should research and learn the basics before starting. You can start blogging on a free platform to test out the waters and find your voice while you are learning how to monetize your efforts. and are the most popular free options. Once you are ready to move to a paid platform, you can use a company like to move your blog.

Because I’m new to blogging I’m still learning and Allison is an incredible source of information!  When deciding to start your own blog there are many things to take into account and already have a good handle on… Thank God for my sister because I’d never be able to blog without her!  There is a lot more to blogging than writing your posts and finding your voice as a blogger isn’t as easy as it sounds!  Like any new profession there is terminology to learn and technical aspects that are behind the scenes of the blog you might not even know about.  Allison answers the key question to blogs:  How and when do you begin making money off a blog?  If you would like to blog as a WAHM option this is definitely important.

~ Vanessa

I have two main pieces of advice when people ask for advice on starting a blog.

1. You must look for the opportunities and be intentional.

The common thought on blogs is that you will not make a significant amount of money. Yet, I see people thriving in this environment everyday. The difference between them and everybody else is that they are willing to hustle. They are looking for the opportunities that other people are not. They are consistent at contacting people and following up. They are also intentional with their direction. I saw the very same thing occur when I was a waitress in my early 20s. There was one couple that was a regular among all of us youngins. They had been waiting tables for over 20 years. They looked ancient to us! People made comments about how they “wasted” their life.

Here was the main difference between us. They were intentional and had a plan. We went to work in order to make spending money. They went to work to earn a living. They were willing to pick up an extra shift if needed and they always left the bar after one drink. I had a talk with them one evening and it turns out they owned their house outright, bought both cars cash, owned a boat and were about 5 years away from retirement. They were 47 & 48 years old respectively.  They were going to retire by 52! The opinion on the street is that “you will never make a living waiting tables”. I believe that blogging is the modern version of waiting tables. It’s how ambitious and intentional you are about what you are doing and what you do with the money once you have it.

2. The blog must go on.

I was BIG into performing arts when I was younger. The motto is “The Show Must Go On”. The audience doesn’t need to know that your costume is about to fall off, go out on stage deliver your lines and fix it when you are done. It’s the same with a blog. Many people that have never worked from home get caught up in the difficulty of planning your work time. Take a look at your availability, choose how many times a week you would like to post and make a calendar. Then stick to that posting schedule for at least 3 months. This period is a great time to learn the basics of how to post your posts and pictures. It will give you an opportunity to find your voice, you will learn what you enjoy to write about. What posts are most popular and it will help you navigate how to work your new job into your daily life. Life will happen, but the blog must go on.

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5 Responses to WAHM Options – Blogging with Allison Carter

  1. Allie at #

    What a GREAT video! Oh my, you all got me thinking – and a bit panicked, I must admit. I really appreciate all the insight. Invaluable information that I wish I’d heard a year ago.

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Thank you Allie! Don’t panic- submit any questions you have here in the comments or send them to thegals at momcomplicated dot com
      I am moving my weekly show from my other company to this platform and will be focusing it to help Moms in Business.


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