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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, did you forget anyone?!

It snuck up!  Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!!!!


Did you get something for everyone on your list?  Who is on your list?

Here is mine:


I made the dinner reservations weeks ago to our favorite restaurant.  (He’s awful at this 😉  I also printed off this super cute card for him off Pinterest.  It says “Today I have loved you for ‘___’ days”.  I printed it off for our kids too (thought it was so cute!).

Need a card?  Here’s the link.

My Kids–

Ummm, so I printed the cards off but I still haven’t gotten them anything so I’m thinking a trip to the local chocolate shop for handmade chocolate hearts is where I’ll send my husband today!  I was so busy thinking about their school valentine’s I almost forgot about them!  Ooops

The Grandparents–

I had the kids cut out hearts and decorate them with crayons and stickers we already had for handmade cards.

The Class–

Do you make your own Valentine’s for your child’s class or do you just buy them?  We are a store bought family, usually the little boxes filled with tiny cards.  This year my son asked to give everyone a goody bag with a pencil, eraser, and candy (he’s obsessed with pencils and erasers right now).  I went to Target and added it up to find it would be $0.50 per child.  I thought that was pretty fair.  He was so excited to fill the bags and pick a specific pencil and eraser for each child.  It’s the little things… and I didn’t have to cut and paste!  Score for me.


I had the kids make homemade cards just like for their grandparents.  Really, how can you go wrong?  Nothing fancy, just whatever we had on hand.  I also added a Starbucks gift card.  These were like GOLD when I was a teacher so I try to get one for Kade’s teachers now.


Did you have your children make something for their dad?  I always have to remind my husband to have the kids make or get me something!

My Parents–

Do you usually get something for your parents?  I sent a care package to my mother-in-law because she is recovering from back surgery and I want her to know we’re thinking of her.  I also like to give my parents a card to thank them for always being there for us  (especially since they will be the babysitters so we can go out that night!)

I never really viewed Valentine’s Day as a real holiday until I had kids.  Then I realized it was a great teachable moment.  What a fun way to teach them how to show appreciation for their family and friends!  Hope I didn’t forget anyone…





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  1. Nikol Murphy at #

    Well, you are WAY more organized than I am and I am snowed in! 😀

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