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Make Your Trip To The Pool Easy With Kids!

We are at the summer half way mark! How is everyone doing?

One thing that I noticed was trips to the pool were exhausting!

It took the kids 2.5 seconds to put on swimming trunks and then they ran around the house while I was trying to wrap up whatever work task I was on, change, get our towels, goggles, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, ice packs, flip flops and then some more snacks.

Then one day I had a stroke of genius! My boys are 7 & 9 years old. They used to get themselves ready for public school every morning. They are more than capable to get US ready for the pool.

Make your trip to the pool easy with kids

We have two bags. A towel bag and a soft sided cooler. My 7 year old is in charge of the towel bag. It is light enough for him to carry and it doesn’t matter if the towels get thrown in willy-nilly. As long as the required items are in the bag, we are good to go!

My 9 year old is in charge of the cooler. He needs to put in a water bottle for each person going to the pool and then a variety of snacks from the pantry plus a fruit choice. I went over how to pack the cooler so that the chips don’t end up on the bottom and we are good! I do check the cooler before we leave to make sure there is a snack in there that I will like to eat. Otherwise, the way it’s packed is the way it stays.

I have a gallon sized zip lock bag in the towel bag to protect the book I bring to the pool. I plop my choice into the bag and zip it up for safety. That is the extent of my pool packing responsibility.

The boys are in-charge of getting their bags to the car, our table at the pool, back into the car, unpacked and back where they belong. I actually feel pampered now and am eager to say YES to the pool!

It. Has. Been. Amazing.

It takes them about 20 – 30 minutes to get ready right now. I use that time to answer e-mails or cross off one more task on my list before heading out the door. It allows me to relax at the pool and it is teaching the boys responsibility!

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