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Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway!

Thirty-one gifts are the minivan of bags for moms!  The fabric is durable and washable, doesn’t fade, and is made to fit everything you would need for your outing. ~Vanessa

Large Utility Tote Review:

I LOVE to use the Large Utility Tote for the beach and the boat.  I had our last name embroidered on it, not only because it’s cute but because the large tote is so popular among moms it’s almost necessary when you are together to make sure they don’t get mix up!  It holds everything I need for my two children, including:  towels, beach toys, snacks, waters, sunscreen, keys, and my phone!  I can fit a beach blanket and SIX beach towels in my Large Utility Tote.  I also added a Pocket-a-Tote for my keys, phone, sunscreen, and any other small items I would need.

The best part of the Large Utility Tote is that it is collapsable!  It lays completely flat for storage.  It’s amazing and I would recommend it to any and all my friends.

Thirty-One Large Utility Tote

Fresh Market Thermal:

I use the Fresh Market Thermal for shopping the four different grocery stores I go to!  I also love it for the beach because it hold so much!!!  It can hold all my vegetables and fruits, meats, and even four 12-packs.  It’s fabric is easily washable and has a nice long strap to make it comfortable to carry on your shoulder.  But it doesn’t end there, it unsnaps on the top and pops up so you can add taller items and it still zips!  I use it every week to shop and highly recommend it if you need a cooler that is easy to store, since it also lays flat unlike a regular cooler it’s size.

Thirty-One Farmer's Tote

Thermal Tote:

The Thermal Tote is the best thermal bag ever.  Period.  It was the very first Thirty-One bag I bought about 3 years ago and I love it.  The fabric is easy to clean with a sponge, inside and out.  I got so hooked on the bag that I had to get bigger and bigger bags.  What I like about it is that it is very tall.  You can fit a water bottle standing.  It’s like the Mary Poppins’ bag; people can never believe how much stuff I can fit in it!  I can fit Taylin’s water bottle, milk, eight snacks, 3 bananas…  I use it every day,  Taylin will NEVER leave the house without it.

Thirty-One Thermal Tote

I asked to review the Thirty-One bags because I love them so much.  We weren’t paid for this review and we only show you the products we love!

Make sure to sign up for the Zip Top Utility Tote in Navy Wave below!!

Zipper Utility Tote


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17 Responses to Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway!

  1. Heather Lynne at #

    Love this bag & the fabric! 🙂

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      I know! I’m sad I can’t win this. 😀

  2. Emmi Sass at #

    Loving the blog and love 31!!!!!

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Thank you Emmi! 🙂

  3. Jennifer at #

    Don’t have a thirty one bag yet but this looks handy!

  4. Stephanie Olmsted at #

    Beautiful bag.

  5. Michelle J. at #

    I love the pattern on that–so cute!

  6. Tonya at #

    I love Thirty-One! I can totally use a great bag like this!

  7. Michelle J. at #

    And thanks for sharing about the other bags, too!

  8. Ashley C at #

    I think is my favorite print from the new catalog! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


  9. Taryn T. at #

    Wow! This is awesome. I love the print! 31 makes such high quality bags!

  10. Whitney G at #

    They all look awesome! It would be great if I won!

  11. Jami at #

    OOHHHH! I love the look of this bag!

  12. natalie yeoman at #

    thank you so much for the chance i love thirty one

  13. Maureen at #

    What a great giveaway! This bag is gorgeous!!!


  14. Kim at #

    Do you have the fresh market thermal and zip too in navy wave available for sale?

  15. Kim at #

    Woops zip top ha

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