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Think Before You Name: Pinterest Tip

Pinterest Tips from  Did you know when you change the name of a board it changes the url making all the links to that board break?!

I adore Pinterest.

It’s a fun place for me to go and take a mental break from the day. You can pretty much find instructions for anything there and if you want to organize it? Go to Pinterest. I am digging a bit deeper into Pinterest now that we have a Mom Complicated account and learning about how it all works. I learned something very important right away.

Name your Pinterest board once and do not name it again!

Imagine: You are on Pinterest and you click an image to pin. You then realize that you don’t have a board that relates to the pin, so you quickly create one and move on. Down the road you decide to rearrange your boards and change some names because you are really avoiding some other task that you need to do. It’s okay, we have all been there. Go ahead and change the order your boards appear in and the cover pin. But whatever you do, (insert suspenseful music here) do not change the board name!

When you change a board name, it will change the url (web address) of the board. This means when people go to look at the other board, they will not find it!

Things to consider when naming your boards. How will you use your board? Is your board for you or are you sharing the information?  Pinterest boards are ranked in search, so what would you type when looking for the ideas you have pinned in there? In the picture above I named my board Pinterest Tips. I thought about Social Media Tips, and several other variations. What helped me make my decision was the fact that, I wanted the information pre-filtered. Only Pinterest related information. My Star Wars Board is called Star Wars Love. We love Star Wars in our house and I pin anything Star Wars related onto that board. Room decoration ideas, cake decorating, funny memes. It’s a hodge-podge of types of info, but it all relates to Star Wars.

I have collected great information from some top Pinterest experts on the web. Go check out the Mom Complicated Pinterest Tips Board and tell me what you learned!

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