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The Swingset- #BGratefulProject

A swing set.

A tarnished, metal swing set that used to have a slide but we had to detach it because the plastic ripped in half.

It is the eyesore in our backyard and I always feel like I need to explain or apologize for it when people come over.



Why?  Why does it matter that I don’t have a $2,000 wood play set?  Why do I care that we drove to Walmart and picked out the cheapest swing set?  Why do I care if someone else judges us for what our children swing on?  Do they even care?!?!

Why do I feel I need to make excuses for it?

The wood ones were too big for the space when we put the pool in…  We couldn’t justify spending that money…  I grew up with a metal swing set and I’m just fine…

Even as I write this I feel ridiculous to even say that I’m embarrassed by our swing set.  It seems like such a frivolous item to be embarrassed by.  We don’t NEED a swing set.

My sister said in her previous post, Owning Your Choices, “I get frustrated when people around me (including myself) think we NEED so much. It’s easy to get frustrated when you have it all. I always like to think that I am grateful for what I have.”

Let me just set up exactly how ridiculous it is that I am embarrassed.  In this backyard that the swing set is an eyesore, there is a pool, a playhouse (my husband built with actual real windows and shingles), a gigantic skateboard half-pipe that even brings the whole neighborhood over to skate, which overlooks a small lake that our jon boat sits on the bank of.  But I choose to look past all the blessing God has given us.  Why shouldn’t I be grateful?

why do we choose to overlook blessings?  #BGratefulProject

If I am embarrassed.  I am not grateful.

The swing set is doing it’s job.  It stands up and holds swings and doesn’t fall down when my kids decide to try to reach the sky with their toes.  There is no reason for us to throw it away and get a wood set.  But it is a running topic in our house–  how the swing set is embarrassing and we should replace it soon.

Really?  Even if the metal hunk did fall apart we wouldn’t need another one anyway!

A swing set is so far down the List of Needs that it doesn’t even make my sister’s first Two Levels.


I constantly feel I need to put life in perspective.  Now that I’m a mother I can’t even watch the infomercials asking for money for the starving children because I can’t stop crying.  I cry for those children, I cry for those mothers, I cry to think there are hungry children right here in our city, I cry because I never want my children to even know that kind of pain.

I am embracing the things that embarrass me and thanking God that they are not Level One needs that are not being met.

I am grateful for that metal swing set because my children can run outside and swing until they get dizzy, reach that cloud with their toes, or finally discover what it feels like to be weightless.

Even if it isn’t wood.

I need to give myself permission to focus on the blessings.  Because they are all blessings.

backyard sunset

Do you have something you need to stop being embarrassed by and learn to be grateful for instead? Post it using the hashtag #BGratefulProject and tag me in the picture!


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