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Tagging Photos on Facebook

We’ve all been there. You log onto Facebook to relax and see what your friends are up to and you see that you have been tagged in an unflattering picture. BUMMER!

Let’s take it one step further. With my generation being the first set of adults with young children online, we have a lot of learning to do. When my son was little, we were super excited that his photo was in the local paper. Fast forward to now and they pause when I am taking a picture of them, and make sure I am not putting it on Facebook. Not because we have had some horrible experience, but because they see what other parents are putting up about their kids!

This is called Online Reputation Management. This is some people’s entire job. To scour the web for what is being said about someone and have some sense of control about it. Here we are as parents just adding fuel to the fire.   Don’t you get the image of someone pouring water into a sinking boat? I do. Believe it or not, I turned to the celebrities for my que on this. They are the only group of people that have had experience with their private life being in the public eye. The general consensus is that you let your kids grow up and be kids.  Try to keep them out of the lime-light and let them choose for themselves what happens with their reputation when they get a bit older. Teenagers involved in anything is for another post. For now, let’s start a simple conversation. Be aware of what and who you are putting online.

I’m curious. What do you think? Should people have to ask to post a picture of your kid on Facebook? Do the privacy settings matter? What is you are Facebook friends with the parent? What if you aren’t? Do people need to chill out?

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