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Sympathetic Mom or Hypochondriac?

the moment you are certain you caught whatever they have. Instantly


Please tell me I’m not alone in this. 

You are awakened by a sick child. In your sleepy haze you respond quickly, and hop out of bed to asses what is happening.  Is there throw-up? Does your tummy hurt? Do you have a fever? You make your initial Mommy diagnoses. Clean up everything and getting your child whatever he/she needed and settle them back into bed.  Only closing the door to their room enough to drown out the light from the hallway, it happens. You feel a rush of whatever symptoms and possibly ones that were not mentioned rush over you.

You think, “ugh, I feel nauseous. Am I hot? I think I feel a scratch in my throat…” This happens to me every time someone in my house gets sick! I do the math in my head. Who have we seen recently? How long ago was that? Is there anyone out sick in the kids school? Have we gone to any of the major germ pools lately?

On a side note: Does anyone else calculate if the kids can afford to get sick, and then align their plans with imaginary illness on the calendar all before agreeing to meet a friend at one of those horrid jumping places?  No? Okay, moving on…

Back to the imaginary symptoms. Is this something that happens to everyone? Even nurses? Or is this a thing with just Moms? Am I a hypochondriac or am a sympathetic and loving Mom? I have been wondering this for almost 10 years now. It’s time to know… am I the only one that immediately is convinced I have whatever ails my family members? Tell me!

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