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This is your time.

“Everyone has a story” I will never forget when Oprah spoke those words for the very first time. It was inspiring. Someone society had placed on a pedestal was telling us that we are just as important as she is, and it’s true. We all have valuable and unique things to share with the world. Back in the day where you scheduled your day around watching your favorite t.v. show. For me, it was Oprah. 4pm everyday I made large efforts to watch it. If I couldn’t make it, I would see if I was going to be home late enough to set the vcr. Back then there were no timers. You had to be home to push the record button. So you bought the 5-7 hour tapes and started recording at 2:30pm for your show at 4pm. When you were ready to watch the show, you fast forwarded through the non-wanted tape to get to your show. You were happy because you were able to watch your show. I digress.

Everyone has a story. YOU have a story! The way you cook that dish is a story. Have a cool routine that keeps your house clean? That is a story! Know how to keep your kids focused during the school day or prevent them from fighting? That my friend, is a story.

Remember when your story was never heard unless you were in the paper or on t.v.? That is not the case anymore. You are in control of your story and how you tell it. So I am telling you now. This is your sign. Tell your story. You matter.

Your story is significant and how you tell it is as well.

Ever read a blog and remember a story of yours that you think others could benefit from?

Have you ever had a friend, spouse or family member tell you that they think “you should blog that”?

Think you want to have a blog, but are not sure what it all entails and if you could even write and “put yourself out there”?

Now is your chance. Mom Complicated is open for guest posts!

Visit our Submit a blog post page for more information. We look forward to reading about what you have to say.

Don't have a blog, but you have something to say? Submit your guest post to Mom Complicated!

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