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Spring Cleaning and Organization Tips

Spring cleaning is upon us!  What do you consider Spring Cleaning to be?  Organizing the garage?  A certain room?  Home improvements?  All of the above?


Cleaning and organization is not one of my strong suits.  It bothers me to have to spend much loved relaxing or family time away to do chores…  So, that is one reason I have not started my Spring Cleaning yet!  My list is usually the same for Spring and Fall and always seems to include:  sorting through the kids’ clothes to sell, giveaway or donate; washing windows, baseboards, the kids’ playhouse, our garage, and moving furniture that I can’t move by myself.  We do have a major home improvement project this year– repainting the entire inside of the house!

I do have one tip for you if you are looking to use organic cleaners this year– slice an orange in half and use it as a sponge to clean the ring around your tub!  I was amazed by how well this worked and I have been searching for years for alternative cleaners to bleach for that annoying ring around the tub!!

What’s on your list for Spring Cleaning this year?  Do you have a specific budget you want to stick to?  Is there a certain area of your home you are determined to tackle?  ~  Vanessa

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