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Simple DIY Kids’ Halloween Wreath

I love to have the kids decorate our wreath every Christmas.  It’s become a tradition that they look forward to every year.  So I thought this year, why don’t I let them do the same thing for Halloween?!

Simple DIY Kids' Halloween Wreath


We started with a grapevine wreath that I already had but you can purchase at any craft store or on, Shine Company 6602 Grapevine Wreath, 15.5-Inch, Brown.

Then we headed to the Dollar Store!

$3.  That’s all we spent at the store.  $1 for the web with spiders.  $1 for the orange ribbon.  $1 for the purple ribbon.

Believe it or not, this was ALL they picked!  They both discussed how they  wanted the wreath to look and this was their concept.

Once we were home we took out the ribbon and web and they began to decorate…  At first it was a bit of a disaster.  They both had something specific in mind but couldn’t quite get it to work.  At first Kade said we should put on the ribbon and then hang the spider webs but once he saw it covered up the ribbon we took it all apart and started again.

Taylin had originally wanted the orange ribbon to wrap around the wreath but quickly decided it would make a better bow because it got lost in the dark brown wreath.

I think my favorite part was listening to them figure out how their concept would actually work.

This is how we ended up decorating it:

First, we stretched the web heavily from one side of the wreath to the other, it created a large open area across half of the opening.

Second, we wrapped the purple ribbon evenly around the wreath (I obviously helped my 4-year old daughter do this :-).

Third, we made the bow and added it to the top of the wreath where we made sure the two ends of the purple ribbon met.

How to make the bow:

~ make 5 loops in the middle of the ribbon

~ gather the bottom of the 5 loops together using a twisty tie or string

~ open and “fluff” each loop until you get your desired bow look

~ cut the bottom on the bow ribbon into any clean edge

Fourth, pull the desired amount of web across the middle of the opening of the wreath.  {This was something Kade was very specific about.}

Fifth, add the spiders to the middle of the web.

Sixth, hang on your door or in your home and ENJOY!

This was such an inexpensive and fun Halloween decorating project that the kids loved.  Go shopping and see how your kids make it their own!


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