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Oh, are you thinking of Homeschooling too?

Have you ever felt like your sibling gets all the credit? Is favored in some manor? Like your parents see them through rose colored glasses? My sister and I have always joked about being favorites of either my Mom or Dad. My parents are super sweet, do NOT have favorites. It will get my Mom’s panties in a bunch if we ever joke with her about it. They always want to make sure that we know we are loved equally. Having said that, there have been some entertaining situations. The most recent happening last night! As you know if you follow the blog, Vanessa and I have been researching the possibility of homeschooling the past month. We have both learned a lot and I hope you have as well! Yesterday, my sister announced via Facebook that she was going to homeschool her kids.

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Yesterday was also the first day that I took my kids to our first homeschool activity. I wanted to meet other local homeschoolers and see how the other half lived. If I had to answer the question, “Are you going to homeschool?” I would have to say “yes”.  I will elaborate as to why we have made this decision in a different post. This is about my sister getting all the credit for this whole homeschool idea by my parents.

I am going to back up for a minute so you understand how very funny this is. My sister is NOT technical. At all… she knows how to use the basic functions of her iMac and that is all. I am not a technical super star either, but I know A LOT MORE than my sister. I produce live interactive Google+ Hangouts on Air for crying out loud. I design and run our website. I have always had more technical skill than her. But she has gotten the credit for being more technical for years. Last year my Mom commented, “I don’t know why I thought your sister was more technical than you.” I answered, “I don’t know either Mom…”

A few years ago (before it was cool) I started using the Ziplock lunch containers and making the kids their own lunchable style lunch in them. I told my sister about it and she wasn’t listening. She never heard a darn thing I said. A YEAR later she asked me if I have ever heard of this amazing thing and you can make your own lunchable… For REAL. No credit again!


I had my son call my parents to tell them about our first homeschool adventure. I have been considering homeschooling for 4 years. We unschooled my oldest for Pre-K. It didn’t have a cool term back then. Every year we reevaluate if we want to continue with public school, homeschool being our goal in the end. Apparently, I have not talked with my parents very much about this because when I got on the phone with my Dad to say “hi” he asked, “Oh, are you thinking of homeschooling too?” He continued on about how proud he was by our decision and he just wants the best education opportunities for his Grandchildren. I could barely contain my laughter, after he asked me that question I just wanted to call Vanessa right away and tell her that apparently I am thinking about it too.

Of course this is all in fun and I get credit for things that my sister has discovered or taught me all the time. It really just depends on who talks to our parents first. I just couldn’t believe that she was going to get credit for the whole homeschooling thing! Little sisters…

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  1. Vanessa Law at #

    Ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, our kids are totally going to feel this way!!!

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