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Sh!t I Want From Target – The Makeup Aisle

Do you mix department store makeup with drug store makeup? Did I just date myself with that term?

Yes, I had to buy makeup and I took y’all with me. Revlon discontinued my concealer. Oh my goodness. I stood staring at the spot where it was marked to clearance for a good couple of minutes. I mean, what am I to do?! That concealer was very good to me. If I had received a concealer discontinue alert, I would have bought way too many and then been very sad when I ran out then or they had dried up. But still. To find out in the aisle is just not right. After I shook the shock off of me, I realized I was going to have to choose something different. The closest product I found was a Loreal concealer crayon. Not a smart move for Revlon I guess. Will they miss my $7? Not sure. I’m said nun the less. I used to be very brand loyal and specific about my makeup choices. I started my makeup journey using Clinique and then moved to MAC. Now I just want to roll up my makeup purchase along with whatever else I need to pick up from the store. It doesn’t make sense really… the MAC concealer I used to use lasted FOREVER causing me to only purchase once a year. It MAY even be more expensive to buy it at Target.

What are your thoughts? Are you loyal to your makeup company?  Do you brand hop?  What products do you swear by? Please tell me in the comments below!

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7 Responses to Sh!t I Want From Target – The Makeup Aisle

  1. Jule at #

    I am SUCH a makeup snob… The best foundation I’ve ever used and use now is CHANEL vitalumiere agua. My number 1 mascara is “are they real” by benefit cosmetics. If I do use a concealer I use one by nyx. My eyeliner is a liquid pen by smash box…. Obviously Ulta is my weakness!! I think my overall favorite brand is benefit cosmetic.

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      This whole paragraph stressed me out. I am going to need to Google EVERYTHING on it. 😀

  2. The best concealer is Erase Paste by benefit. I swear by Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation. It is the best there is and worth every (lots of) pennies.

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Worth every (lots of) pennies.
      I heart you. I don’t what any of this is either. I’m bringing Google and my camera to Ulta.

  3. Cristina at #

    Ok! Nude Lust by Maybelline. Wow. Then there’s Youth Code everything. Why am i new to this bandwagon? I’m the kinda girl that has a ton of magazines and waits to read them all and pull all the samples (with coupons) and raid Target. What I won’t swap? My Shu Uemura mascara, Naked eye shadow and Bare Minerals foundation. But lip stuff? I’ve got pockets in every purse dedicated to every shade of nude and pale shimmery pinks.

    🙂 that is all!!!!

  4. Nikol Murphy at #

    I think I was “hip” at one point… that is no longer the case based on the answers to this post. I have A LOT of research ahead of me!

    • Cristina at #

      One site…

      Forget the hashtag. She’s awesome and she doesn’t even know me. Been following her for ages!!! I’m a closet makeup fiend!

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