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If I said it once…

“If I said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times!”

Okay… fess up. Who has ever said this… no? Yeah – me neither.

I was chatting with a group of Moms about the hilarity that surrounds the difficulty of getting out of the car when we reach our destination. You know you have been there. You park the car at Target. Grab your bag and hop out of the car. Phone in one hand, keys in the other. You glance back at the car to lock it and …. what?! Why are the kids still just sitting there? Or better yet, standing staring at the sliding door to open magically.

Transitions (when moving from one activity to the next)  are always a little time consuming with kids, but moms come to depend on our kids catching on to repetitive tasks. LIKE GETTING OUT OF THE CAR WHEN WE PARK AT THE STORE. I mean seriously, how many times have we gone to the store? Have we ever just sat in the car? Nope. We park and THEN GET OUT OF THE CAR. Right away. We get out immediately. Wasting time during transitions is like Mom Kryptonite. Who doesn’t get about 3 cars down the aisle before you have to turn back and tell the kids to “hop to it”. They are just looking at you like it’s a new concept.

Do you listen the first time?

After we commiserated for a bit, it hit me. How many times has God sent us the same message in our life. I mean he already said it once! He gave us a pretty specific road map.

It’s called the Bible. It’s ALL written down for us. Ready and waiting for us to follow. How many of us have actually read it…

I love when we find out something and think it’s brand new information. I’m totally in this group by the way… Then we realize that you can reference that new fangled concept / idea in the bible. You don’t see God rolling his eyes and saying “no duh” with a Valley Girl accent that that piece of information has been sitting right there in that book for thousands of years, but good job for finally catching on”.

Look at all the books and bible studies out in the world that we need in order to “get it”. Written just for that thing that we need to hear. He doesn’t get frustrated and wait for us to find it in the bible. He whispered that whole book into someone’s ear to tell us again and help us out. But yet WE get frustrated with our kids when they don’t hop out of the car fast enough in the Target parking lot.

I got such a kick out of making this connection. It shows us just how human we are and what a great parent God is.

So giggle with me, give yourself a little grace and try to remember how many times He needs to tell us (humans) something before we catch on. Then kindly remind remind your kids (as their minivan stewardess) that we will soon be parking. When the car comes to a full and complete stop and you see Mom getting out of the car, they need to get out of the car as well.


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  1. Tanya at #

    Thank you for this. I had a revaluation a while back when my child was hurting because of something a thoughtless person did. I hurt for my child I wanted to fix it I wanted to love it away and say I will keep it from happening to you again. I did love on him and hold him and comfort him but I could not make the promises he would never hurt again or that others would not hurt him. BUT I could assure him that his heavenly father sees and understands and that he is always in Jesus heart as a person who is:
    Unconditionally loved
    Never alone
    Completely worthy because of the price of blood that had already been paid for him
    We have a good Papa God who is just waiting to tell us one more time how beautiful we are to Him.

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