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ReLighting Hope Holiday Light Contest

Light up your Christmas.

Light up a life.

And you might just load down your bank account!


Do you have a great snow globe collection? Nutcrackers galore? Do your lights rival Clark Griswald’s or invoke a vision of Christmas past?

Share the Christmas decorations that mean the most to you and help make a difference to stop domestic human trafficking. Your $10 entry fee will go straight to Transforming Hope Ministries. ALL $10 of it!

Yes, it is that easy. Click here to join the contest!

ReLighting Hope Single Flyer

This is our Mina Project. If you are from my little town in North Carolina, you know exactly what it is. You have seen flyers in store windows, you have been caroled at, sold to, purchased raffle tickets and invited to various parties. Our community is doing something huge here in the Triangle area of North Carolina. We are being stewards of God’s money in a fun and helpful way. A little over a month ago our church gave $100,000 back to the parish in random amounts. The sealed envelopes contained $10,$20,$50 or $100 bills. We were instructed to partner up with others, multiply the money we received, and distribute it back into the community where we saw a need.

Our group chose Transforming Hope Ministries. We chose an organization that we believe in. We chose an organization that isn’t easy to talk about. Our prayer is that not only do we raise money for this organization, we raise awareness. The issue of human trafficking in the United States is real and it can be overcome if we do not look away. If we do not avoid the conversation.

So what do you say?! Are you ready to have some fun, get competitive and potentially save someone’s life in the process?!

Click to enter your holiday lights here. Don’t forget that you are not limited to photos of lights on the outside of your house. Photos of your tree, lit garland on the mantel and any other special decorated area you have count! All you need is a $10 donation to Transforming Hope Ministries per entry.


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