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Prepping for Half Ironman 70.3

Prepping for a race is necessary, and I talked about what I’m doing to get my body ready for the race in my previous post The Road to Half Ironman 70.3.  But what am I packing?

Prepping for half ironman 70.3, packing list

Here is my list and what I use it for:

        1. Triathlon outfit—  I wear ZOOT SPORTS Women’s Performance Tri 6-Inch Short (Black, Medium), I like the length because my thighs don’t rub on the seat during the ride or run.  And Zoot Sports Women’s Performance Hydro Crossback Triathlon Tank (Oceanus-Oceanus Print, Medium), this is similar to the tank I have worn for all my training and previous Sprint Triathlons.
        2. Goggles
        3. Swim Cap— They give you one at the race that is usually specific to your wave, but I like to bring one anyway.
        4. Towels— I like to bring one super bright hot pink one that is easy to spot when I’m running into transition, and another small one to use to quickly wipe down my legs and feet so I can put my socks and bike shoes on.
        5. Gallon of water—  I use this to wash the sand off my feet before I towel off and put on my socks.
        6. Garmin— Tri watch,  Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch, I depend on it to know my speed on the bike and pace during my run.
        7. Aquaphor tub and Glide—  Prevents rubbing and chaffing.
        8. Race Belt— I have a Spibelt – Great for Runners!, Hot Pink Pouch with Black Zipper.  I have used it since my first marathon and I love it!  I pin my bib to it and carry nutrition, an extra hair tie, and clip my Gymboss and iPod Shuffle to it!  
        9. Nutrition—  I am bringing Probar Core Protein Bar, Brownie Crisp, 2.46 Ounce (Pack of 12) and Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews, Pomegranate Passion Fruit, 1.8-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12).  I eat the Probars on the bike and the Honey Stingers during the run.
        10. Electrolytes and Salt Tablets— I add the electrolytes to my water and take the salt tablets during the ride and run.  I also keep the salt tablets in my SPIbelt.
        11. Ibuprofen—  I take them before and during the race.
        12. Gymboss— this is an interval timer.  I will be running Galloway, 3 min. run and 1 min walk during my half marathon.
        13. Bike
        14. Helmet
        15. Bike shoes
        16. Socks
        17. 2 extra tire tubes— in case I get a flat tire.
        18. C02 cartridges— inflates the tube on the road.
        19. Tire lever— helps get the tire off so I can change the tube.  {14, 15, & 16 are stored on my bike}
        20. Water bottles—  I have one specific for the front of my bike, Profile Design Aero Drink System, it’s key to hydrating during a long ride.
        21. Running shoes—  I love my Brooks Women’s Ghost 6 Running Shoes, Color: Slvr/SulphSprg/Mdngt/Denm/AqHz, Size: 9.0.  I changed my laces to Yankz Sure Lace System White so I could slip my shoes from the bike.
        22. Sunglasses—  I still have my first pair of running sunglasses I bought at my first race expo, I love them and wear them at every race.
        23. Sunscreen— I’m so scared of burning in the 7 and 1/2 hours of Florida sun!

I sure hope that is everything I need for race day!!


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