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Easy Chewy Granola Bar Recipe

Easy Chewy Granola Bar Recipe

During my 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge I decided to also cut added sugar from the snacks my children were eating.  I was shocked by how much sugar was in all the organic “healthy” snacks they were eating.  Since I started Clean Eating four years ago I have wanted to make my own granola bars […]

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NO SUGAR for 30 Days

No Sugar for 30 Days

I never thought I’d say this… I don’t crave sweets. Yes, I do not crave ice cream, cookies, brownies, or any type of sweet any longer! I’ll go even further. Sweets are not even appealing to me anymore. Nope, I’m not lying or exaggerating.  I actually looked at a chocolate, chocolate cake, which normally would […]

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No matter what you are up against there is always a way out. Often times, it's hard to see a way out when looking at a situation you have looked at for years. There is always a way out of any situation. It may not be esy, but you can certainly do it.

You Can And You Always Have A Choice

I can’t… I have no choice… There is no other way… Folks, I am here to tell you that there is always another way. Even when things seem bleak, there is always another way. The choice may not always look pretty or be popular. It may seem extreme. What you need to consider is how […]

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No Racing in 2015

“No Racing”: My phrase for 2015

For the last four years I have totally changed the person I used to be.  I went from never running 1 mile to completing two Ironman 70.3 races in 6 months.  I have pushed my body and mind further than I ever imagined.  Each year I challenged myself with a new fitness goal.  It has changed me […]

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