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Our Homeschool Morning Routine

We are only a few weeks into homeschooling our two boys. Which means we are in no way completely adjusted to homeschool life.

BUT! I have already noticed one key pattern. We have a few areas that need to be organized almost all the time. If those areas of our day become unstructured or messy, the whole day starts to spiral. Not for the family, but for me. I am all of a sudden behind and don’t know where to start first. This starts to stress me out and THEN it starts to trickle over to the family. 😉

Key Area #1 – Our Mornings

Our morning was the first area that I tackled. I was taking a full hour to get ready and when I was done the kids weren’t out of their pjs yet. This wasn’t their fault. I didn’t set any expectations.

The boys did a wonderful job getting themselves ready for public school. We just needed to transfer that to homeschool. It was time for all of us (read me) to take our homeschool start time seriously.

We are trying to get the kids (read ME again) into a more effective way of handling the morning. So we all have morning checklists.

kids sample Good Morning Checklist from Example Good Morning Checklist from


Want to know something funny? I brush my teeth AFTER I put product in my hair so I can fit washing my hands in with a task. I think I am so efficient with this that I smile every time I remember to do it in order! This checklist needs to be done before the boys head down for breakfast and I head down for coffee. We have a checklist for after breakfast on the front of the fridge.

Sample After Breakfast Checklist by

Here is why I love the checklists. I don’t have to remember what to do! Yes, I currently need all the help I can get to clear brain space. I just launched TWO new products, switched our curriculum and STILL get my eyes crossed at all the subjects housed under language arts. Having these tasks on a list not only helps me remember and stay on task, it holds me accountable since the kids see it. We all have unwritten jobs within the kitchen. They will read me my responsibilities to me while they are reading theirs.

When we stick to the lists, we avoid the slippery slope of dirty clothes on the floor and dishes piled to the ceiling. These simple things keep our house running smoothly. When we forget to do our checklist, things fall out of balance very quickly!

You can download the checklists you see at

What is your trick to keeping a happy morning? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!


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7 Responses to Our Homeschool Morning Routine

  1. Irene at #

    YES! Morning routines are so needed! I love this checklists! I’ll be printing these for my boys! Believe or not, morning routines are what set you up for a good or bad night of sleep!

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Ah ha!
      That’s very interesting Irene. I had no idea the morning was so important. I’m so glad you like the checklists! I had a lot of fun making them. 🙂

  2. Amy at #

    Love checklists, and since Claire can’t read yet I use clip art checklists for her!

  3. So jealous! Going to go watch blogging 411 and pout. But did make a priority today to take my boys to dinner and spend time at the Y roller skating and playing tennis. School will start in two weeks where did it go. Thanks for this I am trying to make breakfast a scared routine so we can see each other and laugh each morning before we head to school and work. I am visualizing a slower less complicated life style!

  4. Christa at #

    Thank you for these. We have been struggling with morning routine, and these are perfect because I can customize them for our family. Really an answer to prayer this morning. The thought of creating one myself was making me annoyed, cause I wanted it to be cute, but don’t have the capcity now to do that. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      I’m SO glad that you found them and will use them Christina! I understand the crazy mornings and the need for some order for sure.YOU made my day by commenting and letting me know they will useful to you. 🙂

  5. Lindy at #

    Hi, thanks for this post it helps me and also confirms that which I am trying to work on at the moment. I was wondering if making such detailed lists would help to get us into a better routine, so I’m glad to see other moms are doing the same. One thing I try to do in the morning is to get out of bed before the kids are awake, that way I tend to be more relaxed, so I set my alarm for about 6:15 and make some coffee. If my kids are waking me, then everything feels so hectic and rushed and I then feel like I’m behind and this causes stress! Thanks again for this post 🙂
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