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I’m Oil Pulling. Yes, it’s a real thing… hopefully.

Why exactly would I jump on a health fad that may or not have been around for a very long time? Because of my friend’s testimonial. There is a whole marketing lesson in this experience, but we will stick to the whole oil pulling story. That is enough for now. I was making my morning rounds on Facebook when I saw a post by my friend Susan. She announced that her husband is oil pulling. First of all, I had no idea what oil pulling was. Second, if a husband is “in” that usually means there are some proven positive results they have seen in their wife. I read the comments and the article and thought, “isn’t that nice” and was ready to move on.

THEN I saw the comment that made me get up from my desk, walk downstairs and grab a spoonful of coconut oil to swish around my mouth for 20 minutes. She reported that her husband struggles to get out of bed in the morning and after trying the oil pulling he has seen a HUGE improvement on his ability to wake up and get up from bed. Β My husband JUST teased me about my 5 alarms and 1.5 hour process to get out of bed. YES, you read that correctly. I do have some medical issues that if I do not stick to a strict diet will cause this issue to inflame. Let’s just say, I fell off the diet wagon recently and am paying the price dearly.

I already have coconut oil in the house because I need to be dairy free. So I marched downstairs and stuck a teaspoon size in my mouth. It took a minute to get used to and the initial transformation from solid to liquid is gross. I spit out the little saliva I had and then had no issues with wanting to swallow after that. I amused myself with email and the internet (uh- I mean work) and watched the clock. It really was not very difficult to keep the oil in my mouth for the 20 minutes.

When my time was up, I spit the mess into the garbage and brushed my teeth. Easiest healthy thing I have done in a while! My teeth feel very nice and smooth. I hope in a couple of days, I will see some results!

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be health advice. As with everything, you should consult your Dr, before trying anything. (Isn’t it sad that I should have to say this?)

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13 Responses to I’m Oil Pulling. Yes, it’s a real thing… hopefully.

  1. Oil Pulling is FUN! Lol! Do it!!

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      I did it! I did it!

  2. Echo at #

    I just don’t think I can do it! It seems too odd!

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Hmm… I can think of a couple of things odder than oil pulling that people do for health! πŸ˜€ I lived in Boulder. #nufsaid

  3. Cristina at #

    As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to send it to someone on FB who was asking what this was and what their thoughts are. What else did I do? Called my husband and asked for coconut oil.

    I’ll try anything, once!!!


    • Nikol Murphy at #

      You are awesome Christina! Let me knew how it goes. Now I just need to remember to do it daily. πŸ˜€

  4. Vanessa Law at #

    I tried it today too! It was SO hard not to swallow it!!! How did you swallow without swallowing it?!?

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      There are so many jokes that are coming to mind. πŸ˜‰
      I spit the first bit of spit out and after that you just close your throat before you swallow.

  5. Kristal at #

    So trying this. Okay, I couldn’t sleep today, or yesterday…whatever and I’ve been up the whole time. Wonder if this will work to keep me awake from a sleepless night. Nikol, I have to say no to dairy as well (except butter doesn’t bother me because it’s made from the milk fat) anyway, I too have had some poison wheat and dairy and feel terrible…thus the sleepless night. Today could go either way, ruh roh!

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Keep me posted on how you feel Kristal! I can’t believe we have so many of the same issues. πŸ˜€

  6. Riann at #

    Not to be a downer (I am all for trying this and can’t wait to do so), but if you are nursing or pregnant and have silver amalgam dental fillings then oil pulling is not recommende as it supposedly will pull out the mercury.

    • The part about oil pulling mercury out of dental fillings is absolute and total BS. I mean……..COMPLETELY. Find me one single dang study that supports it – JUST ONE! PLEASE.

      And then please find me a single dang study that supports that oil pulling does ANYTHING that a placebo can’t do. Anyone? A single quality study? Is it really too much to ask that people go around promising the moon about products that have zero scientific support? And I’m sorry, but Facebook testimonials do not count.

      I wrote an entire blog post about why people should be more careful with “alternative medicine,” and why real science is something you CAN trust, rather than believe it’s all a conspiracy to make you buy drugs, etc.

      I certainly respect that people want to find solutions that don’t involve taking medications; I’ve been working very hard for the last year to change my diet and improve my lifestyle to try and decrease my sky-high cholesterol without having to take medications. They did the bloodwork last Saturday, and I go see my physician this Friday to find out if it worked or not. You have no idea how much I don’t want to take any medications, but you know what? If a year of hard work at healthier living didn’t do it, you can bet your bippy that I will take those meds to get the cholesterol down. Why? Because there is legitimate scientific study that has been replicated many times that proves they work.

      Please…….don’t fall for Dr. Oz-style schtick. Real medicine has evidence. Alternative medicine has testimonials. Testimonials can be made up. Real evidence can’t.

  7. Nikol Murphy at #

    Thanks for telling us Riann! I’m going to look it up.

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