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Oh No… I Need To Cut The Cord #SOCSaturday

As with any addiction, the addict knows they have a problem looong before they admit it. I am coming on a month of staying at home and I have noticed one disturbing fact about myself. (Okay there are a few- but we are going to focus on this main one first)

I spend too much time with media. Social media, t.v., movies…

Passive entertainment is taking up too many hours in my day. So I am going to have to cut back. What is an appropriate amount? I mean, I really like t.v. it’s my thing. But I’m sure reading could be my thing if I wasn’t wasting so much time on Facebook and Netflix. I have decided that I am going to do something about it. I don’t want to go media free since I want to keep up with my favorite bloggers and honestly, now that I stay at home, that is my only connection to other adults during the day. So back to it, 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening? That really should be enough to check in and still feel connected to the world. I am going to cut out watching t.v. by myself. I have so many books waiting to be read, that I need to just read them already. I even lied in a conference room with about 300 people in Texas to get one of the books. #TrueStory


Spending too much time on T.V. and Facebook

I think I have a plan.

Phone needs to be on a different table than the one I am homeschooling at.

Phone on top of the t.v. cabinet during family time and family movie time.

No watching t.v. or recreational computer time when I am alone. I will read, knit or take care of another project.

Now. How ling should this last? I wonder if I really need to do this for 21 days to break my crazy recreational t.v. / media habit.

I hope not!

This post is part of Love, Jaime’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. She is fabulous and I think you should go visit her blog.



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6 Responses to Oh No… I Need To Cut The Cord #SOCSaturday

  1. allison at #

    Yay! Do it! It feels soooo good. I don’t miss tv at all! πŸ™‚ excited for you!
    allison recently posted…On Epic FailsMy Profile

    • Ha ha- I have been in a panic and was hoping that nobody saw this!

  2. Jaime at #

    I don’t watch a ton of tv anymore. I’m not sure when that started (maybe when I started getting into a few newer-to-me authors?) I don’t have my laptop out when my son is awake, and i try to put my phone on the charger as soon as I get home until he goes to bed. I only have 2 hours every evening when I’m working. Sometimes less.

    It gets easier. I think the first step is admitting we have a problem with technology. πŸ˜‰ (And, I totally wrote a post on this recently – last week!)
    Jaime recently posted…Stream of Consciousness – week 30 #SOCWeekend #blogging #freewritingMy Profile

    • Yeah- the phone thing has been the hardest for me. It’s SO easy to sneak on while I am sitting at the school table waiting for them to finish something.

  3. Brooke at #

    hubby and i went 5 years without cable (when we first got married). year 6 we moved and got it. now we’re discussing getting rid of it again. its hard to make the call, but we are all better for it i think!
    Brooke recently posted…Inventory of GiftsMy Profile

    • Oh Brooke, you are my kind of girl. We haven’t had cable tv for 7 years and before that, we only had basic. It used to really freak people out. Glad it is becoming the norm. I have done all this damage with Netflix and Hulu alone! Well and PBS for Downton Abbey. πŸ˜‰

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