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No Sugar?!?!

I wanted something sweet after every meal, not just at night after dinner.  It was getting so bad that I started breaking the bag of chocolate chips open while my kids weren’t looking soon after breakfast and just shove a handful into my mouth!

Sugar Free 30 days

A few weeks ago I decided after Christmas I was going to give up sugar for 30 days.  Why?  Because I felt terrible.  I constantly felt sick to my stomach and I woke up with a hang over even though I hadn’t drank a drop of alcohol!  I knew it had to do with the mountains of cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, and even just plain chocolate chips that I was shoving into my mouth.

After my Ironman Miami 70.3 race in October I went on a downward spiral of anything sugary.  It was so bad that I could feel the difference in my running; I just couldn’t push myself and then I felt awful after my runs.  I knew the problem was my eating but I just couldn’t stop.  I began to mention this sugar addiction to friends to learn they were feeling the same way.

I decided that was it!  The Monday after Christmas I was going to cut out sugar (and sugar substitutes) except what was found in fruit and vegetables.  Well, I did give myself a little leeway with a tablespoon of honey or agave a day.  Let’s be realistic here!  There was one little problem–  I would be in North Carolina the Sunday after Christmas, giving me absolutely no time to prepare for Monday morning.

What did I do?  I started a FB Group page so I was accountable.  I started it on my phone as we drove to NC with 4 people, on Monday we had 12.

I began to share my sugar-free journey with friends and was recommended to watch FED UP.  Have you seen it?  It’s a documentary about the weight gain epidemic in the USA.  Many of the things mentioned I already knew:  eat whole food, not processed, fast food is bad, etc.  What I did not know was how sugar played a significant role in the rise of obesity.  What I did not know was how addictive sugar is.  It sure makes sense with the feelings of withdrawal I’ve been having the last few days!  Well, if I wasn’t already motivated to give up sugar this movie definitely moved me to do so.  At least for 30 days.  I’m not here to endorse the movie or back up it’s findings but I do know how I’ve been feeling, and since I already eat whole foods, sugar was the last piece to the puzzle.

It all began with the sugar in my coffee.  I have cut the sugar in my coffee many times but never with any real motivation.  Now I’m determined to break this addiction!  What about you?  Have you noticed how much sugar is added to your favorite foods?

Join me!  Start with something simple– like your coffee, tea, or soda.  I’m excited to see the changes with just 30 days.


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6 Responses to No Sugar?!?!

  1. Great post. I’m doing Dr. Oz right now. I’m not on sugar either, and it is definitely making me feel better.

    I need to look up FED UP because I saw a cookbook I wanted to read…that is new. And it may be from the producer, but I”m not sure.
    Leigh Powell Hines recently posted…Out and About in North Carolina: Historic New BernMy Profile

    • Vanessa Law at #

      I saw the Dr. Oz one Leigh! I’m awful at following a plan… Let me know if you like the cookbook, I should really invest in a one!

  2. Ohhh!!! I have overdone it too on sugar and sweets. I’m going to put our family on a major cut back program for the rest of the month. During the week we will eat clean and only have a few splurges on the weekend, until we can get our diet back on track.
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…My Favorite Current Makeup FindsMy Profile

  3. Vanessa Law at #

    I actually added eating clean Julie! I found myself (and kids) eating lots of salty things out of boxes and bags once I cut out the sugar… Back on track is definitely the key!


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