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Must Have Spring and Summer Workout Clothes

Before I started running I used to get my workout gear from the clearance rack at Target, TJ Max, or even Walmart.  I never understood why people would invest hundreds of dollars into clothes that all you did was sweat in!

And then I started running…  These are the pros and cons I found in less expensive workout clothes compared to stores like Lululemon and Athleta.

spring & summer workout gear

My favorite Spring and Summer piece of workout gear is the Skirt!

I started with a running skirt from Target.  It was basically a waste of money for me.  I found the shorts under the skirt would ride up every time I moved!  And if that was not annoying enough, I would end up chafing  if I went for a faster or longer run in them.

I quickly decided to invest in the more expensive line of running clothes from Lululemon.  I bought a running skirt from Lululemon to see if it was really worth the expense, and hype.  It was worth every penny!  Not only are the skirts so SUPER adorable, the shorts under the skirt do not move, and I never chafe.  The skirt also has a zipper pocket, which is a step up from the little open pocket from the skirt from Target.  It also has two extra pockets in the front of the skirt that are perfect to put your nutrition for your longer runs.  I love, love, love my Lulu skirts.

run skirts

* The skirts pictured here are not this season but similar styes are available now.


The pro of the Target running skirt is that it is much less expensive.

The pros of the Lululemon running skirt is that it stays in place, is made of much better fabric, has great pockets for your keys and nutrition, and mostly importantly– is ADORABLE.  Seriously, I always get compliments on my skirts!


The cons of the Lululemon running skirt is that it is expensive.  About 3 times the price of a Target running skirt.

The cons of the Target running skirt is that it is not very high quality fabric, the shorts ride up, and may cause chafing during a longer run or workout.

My next must have piece of clothing is the Tank!

I am obsessed with my running tanks.  I do not like to have layers when I’m running or working out in the heat so one of the first things I bought was a tank top with a built-in sports bra.

When I invested in my first Lululemon running skirt I also bought a tank top, which I still love, 3 years later.  The tank was airy and the built-in sports bra was very supportive.  The Lululemon tanks also have small pads you can insert in the bra, which was important for my comfort.  It washes very well, but I do hang all my Lulu gear to dry.  There is a very large selection of tanks at Lululemon that offer no support to high support.  I have them all and find each one works for different runs and workout and is worth investing in.

I have also bought a Champion tank from Target.  This tank is 1/3 the price of the Lululemon tank and I really like it!  It washes and dries well, is airy, and looks cute.  It does not have any pad inserts for the bra, which is a downfall for me, but might not bother you at all.  It’s comfortable but is definitely not as supportive as the Lululemon tank.  Target does have a small selection of workout tanks, but I found they all have light support.  You would have to add a sports bra for medium to high support.

spring tanks

*The tanks pictured here are not this season but similar styles are available.


The pros to the Target Champion tanks are that it is much less expensive and very cute.  It washes and dries well and is comfortable during workouts.

The pros to the Lululemon tanks are that you can choose from a large selection of styles and built-in bra support.  I find the small pad inserts are important for my comfort and the colors and styles are adorable, plus the fabric is much better quality.


Lululemon tanks are expensive.  You do need to be careful when you wash them as well.

The Target Champion tanks are all about the same support.  If you would like more support you would have to buy a sports bra, which then doubles the price of the tank!

Do you have must have workout items?  What are they and where do you get them?

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