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Knowing You Are On The Right Path

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure would love a Candy Land type of map for my life. How helpful would THAT be?! I’m not asking for no hardship, just to be able to see what is on the other side. That I am going to make it. A couple of decision making aids would be nice as well. Sometimes we luck out and are able to make decisions easily. Not only was the decision easy, you feel confident in your choice.

Recently I was lucky enough to meet an amazing woman named Jenni. I don’t think she “feels” amazing. Like, she doesn’t shake your hand an introduce herself as Capt. Amazing when you meet her. I think she feels like a normal person, a Mom who is doing the best that she can every morning that she wakes up. You can virtually meet Jenni on her blog and follow along in her journey on her blog. I was sitting amongst a crowd of people in drizzling rain on a farm listening to what is currently going on with her life. She was describing their journey from “going to pick up their adopted children in Uganda” to “we are staying and will be missionaries for the next year”. What really stayed with me, was when Jenni described the peace she felt about the situation. Amongst the craziness of flying back to North Carolina from Africa to wrap things up, moving her husband and five children to a village with no electricity. Peace. Peace because they are on the right path. The path that God has intended them to be on. I encourage you to read the whole story of the 7C’s. It is nothing short of amazing AND there is a chicken.

How to know your life is on the right path

Back to understanding you are on the right path. That very same day, teacher assignments came home with the kids.  This is the day that you find out which teacher your child has been assigned to for the next year. This is the Mommy Superbowl for the of the year. If you have kids in school, you know how much emotion is wrapped up in this day. Are the parents’ teacher expectations met? Are the kids’ friends in their class? Will your Mommy friends be with you next year? You know… the ones that volunteer with you? Every year I tear open the kids’ backpacks and look for the assignments. Then I would start an email thread to find out who was assigned where. There were texts flying back and forth and Facebook posts as well. Within a few hours I knew the landscape of what my year would look like. So this day was big.

Then it happened. A feeling of calm and peace mixed with a bit of happiness washed over me. It was genuine satisfaction and peace. It was a calming and safe feeling that I was doing what I am supposed to be doing.


We are homeschooling this year. This was the first big public school activity I missed out on. I didn’t realize it was teacher assignment day until after we came back from the farm and friend send me a message mentioning that she kept wanting to ask who we got for next year. When I read the message, I smiled and then realized that it was one of the biggest days of the parent year. Teacher assignment day! I immediately asked myself, “do I feel left out?”. Then it happened. A feeling of calm and peace mixed with a bit of happiness washed over me. It was genuine satisfaction and peace. It was a calming and safe feeling that I was doing what I am supposed to be doing. I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I was happy for everyone creating all the buzz about next year and I didn’t feel like I was being left out.  What perfect timing to experience that feeling of peace that I just heard about hours before from an amazing woman, wife and mother. I GOT it and I was thankful for the road sign from God.

I know I won’t be able to see the whole game board at once and I may even be okay with that now. I do however REALLY appreciate the headlights that God is providing for me on the dimly lit country road I am traveling.













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2 Responses to Knowing You Are On The Right Path

  1. Jealous! You are where I want to be. So much to learn but I do feel lead to at least be able to make the homeschool choice. We had a fabulous teacher last year that really loved on an encouraged my third grader. I found you through Richmom. I have enjoyed your work. Simple question how did you get ads down the side. I also need to generate traffic to my blog. I just want to come home write and manage my sweet boys! God bless and keep me in his will and his path. Thank you for your writing and faith!

  2. Nikol Murphy at #

    Hi Tanya,
    Welcome to Mom Complicated! So happy to have you. 🙂
    The ads are run through Google Adsense on the sidebar are widgets. I suggest you watch our #Blogging411 series and follow Amy Lynn Andrews as well. She is GREAT at teaching people how to run a blog. You can find our series on our YouTube channel under the playlist #Blogging411.

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