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I’ve decided to homeschool, now what?!

Once we finally decided to homeschool we felt free by finally making the decision.  There has been so much leading up to us making this decision that just finally knowing what our plan is for next year feels like a weight has been lifted.

Now that I decided to homeschool I felt that I needed to do my research and do the things I could control.  So, I registered Nikol and I for the FPEA Homeschool Convention in Orlando, registered my son for Classical Conversations so I had that co-op for him once a week, I had play dates with many of my friends that homeschool so they could tell me about their curriculum and how and when they homeschool their children.  I’ve written curriculums down to check out at the conference, read Peter Gray’s book Free to Learn, which I highly recommend, and started Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine.  I even started a co-op with friends to make sure I had support for not only me but Kade during this big transition from traditional school. ~ Vanessa

I of course attacked the situation from the opposite end of the spectrum. I hate doing school work at our kitchen table. The space is very tight and we do not have significant storage space. I REALLY do not like having to clean everything up for a meal. We always end up with a computer or school work at the table. It’s my intention to work at my desktop computer while the kids are working. I brought a card table that we had in the garage into my office and moved a bit of furniture around. I have a clear sight line to the table and it is big enough for the kids to work harmoniously. I have bookshelves in the closet of the office that I intend to rework for school storage.

I set up an art table and wood workshop space in the garage for long term and messy projects. It is a simple 4 foot folding table that I had in the garage as well. It’s not fancy, but it is functional enough to see if the set up will work. ~Nikol

How am I going to make it all work?  I’m a BIG time waster!  How am I going to be more productive?  Instead of checking what everyone is doing on Facebook, I should be cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, checking and answering emails.  I hope between reading Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode and going to the blogger conference at the FPEA convention I will figure out how I’m going to juggle it all!  There are so many amazing helpful resources like an Umbrella School that will handle the paperwork so you don’t have to worry about your portfolio or contacting the county.  That $50 will be well spent when it saves me time from dealing with all the paperwork and portfolio.  ~Vanessa

As I mentioned, I intend to tweak my current company into a situation where I do not have to leave the house to work very often if ever. We are going to stay on a year round calendar while we homeschool. I am now taking a few children during our track out sessions for a “Murphy Track Out Camp” It’s a fabulous opportunity for everyone involved and is going well. I’m looking forward to our work from home series as I’m sure there are options that I have not thought of. ~Nikol

Many homeschooling families need to make an income and jobs that require you to work out of the home are not feasible, so we’ll be looking at different jobs you can do from home during the month of March.  For example, at the FPEA Homeschool Convention there is a Social Media Summit, an entire day dedicated to bloggers that homeschool.  Which of course we are very excited for!  From babysitting to direct mailing, there are opportunities out there for homeschooling families.

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