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I will not be putting green food coloring in my toilet for St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  But I’m sorry, I will not be putting green food coloring in my toilet to “trick” my kids into thinking a Leprechaun stopped by the house.

Originally this was going to be a post about fun and easy activities you could do with your children for St. Paddy’s Day but as I was browsing Pinterest for ideas I realized, “I’m never going to do any of these things!”

St. Paddy's 2014

Last year for homework Kade’s Kindergarten class made Leprechaun traps.  I had never heard of this since we never really celebrated the holiday in our family but I thought it was a cute idea.  I have no problem sharing my shortcomings and aside from not being a very good cook, I am not crafty!  So, Kade’s Leprechaun trap, which obviously was homework for the parents and not the 5-year old, was a shoebox I covered in green construction paper and let Kade decorate any way he wanted.  Boy did I feel ridiculous when I showed up to see other extravagant traps with skittles, little gold pieces, and pulley systems!  Luckily Kade was oblivious to my poor creation, he was just excited to see if a Leprechaun would end up trapped inside.  This year there was no such assignment and man was I relieved!  I’ll have Kade build his own contraption this year since it won’t matter if it’s small and mobile, but I’m pretty sure we won’t be catching a Leprechaun this year either…

There is one thing I do no matter what on St. Paddy’s– Wear green!  But I have not bought that adorable t-shirt with the clovers for either child.  As my children get older I have realized that they just don’t get use out of it, so instead I just buy something that is green.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve put that adorable shirt down at Carter’s and Target more than once in the last few months!

I may not be making those clover crafts, which by the way, I saw one on Pinterest that they made by cutting a green pepper and using it as a stamp, adorable!  But I will explain why a clover is such an important representation of St. Patrick’s Day by sharing the Veggie Tales Video about St. Patrick.  The video is a little long, over 8 minutes, but it’s a fun video that explains who St. Patrick is and why we and Ireland celebrate this holiday.


My absolutely favorite St. Paddy’s Day activity I’ve done over the years with my kids is a parade.  My MOMS Club used to do a parade around the park and we would all wear green and even make a sign.  It’s great to get toddlers excited about holidays through fun events and if you have a group or just a few friends, a parade is an easy and fun activity you can do without a lot of preparation!

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