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I am… Old School Blogging – #OSBlog

I’m jumping on a bandwagon that I just learned about thanks to Jaime! Linking up with Elaine and Angela and putting my own spin to several phrases.

I am 40.

I wonder if I’ll ever know what I want to be when I grow up.

I hear the sweet soft snores of my youngest.

I see that the time is closely ticking to the time that “I swear I will be asleep by from now on”.

I want sherbet and to be able to read fast.

I am at my heaviest weight and I hate it.

I pretend that I can multi-task.

I feel blessed.

I touch my fluffy cat Charlie and seriously wonder how he is that soft.

I worry that I am not present enough.

I cry at the HINT of someone else crying.

I am grateful.

I understand that I need to hand it all over to God.

I say what comes to my mind – only rarely stopping before it comes out. 

I dream that one day I will feel like I have it all together.

I try every. single. day.

I hope my children are glad that I am their Mom and my husband is glad I am his wife.

I am hopeful.


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  1. allison at #

    allison recently posted…How To Be the Sexiest One at the PoolMy Profile

  2. I am and do many of these things too.

    So glad you found OSB and joined in! πŸ™‚

    • Nikol at #

      Thanks Elaine!

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