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Cookie Exchange Party: Update

Cookie Exchange Parties are by far my new favorite activity for myself  during the holiday season.

How to attend a Cookie Exchange Party by

Reasons why I love them so…

1. It was an hour long
2. Kids were welcome
3. They had kid crafts
4. The cookie we made wasn’t messy to make
5. They had hot chocolate
6. My hostess was well prepared
7. I was not in charge
8. I have 8 bags of cookies in my freezer
9. I tried new cookies
10. I learned baking tricks while I was there


I had a lovely time at my first cookie exchange party. I didn’t get to chat with everyone there, but the people I did chat with, were lovely. The best part of the party was getting baking tips from the other women there. Everyone was an expert in what they made, so it was nice to learn the tiny detail that made the cookie really stand out. Two men attended, but they didn’t offer up any good baking secrets.

I didn’t get pictures of all the cookies. I was half way around the table when I remembered that I should take pictures. I then had to stop everyone, shimmy out of line to get my camera, get back in line, make everyone wait just a minute more, take pictures of what I was standing next to and let the line continue on their merry way. It was a great experience in all. Everyone made yummy cookies, so there was no awkward avoidance of a cookie.

Lessons learned:

1. Pick a cookie you can be proud of
2. Remember allergies to nuts
3. Be on-time.
It takes a lot longer to get in and out of a car with stacks of cookies with you. (You would think I would know this, but… no.)
4. Don’t leave your empty platters sitting on the kitchen counter.
They will do you no good there.
5. Remind your kids that even though there are swords in the house, this is not the ideal time to bring them ALL out./
6. Don’t leave your cookie platter behind merely because you are so excited about all the new cookies you now have.
7. When packing the cookies for the freezer, hide them or you will come into the kitchen to find two opened bags on the table with
cookies missing and the freezer door open.

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