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{Video & Article} Homeschool Cold Feet

I felt such a relief when we first made the official decision to homeschool. I was able to compartmentalize my angst of curriculum choices because I knew I would be attending a conference at the end of May. The kids are on board and excited about the change. It all seemed “downhill from here”. Then a few weeks went by and the doubts started to creep in.  Announcements for field day and book fairs started to come home. I easily forgot about the reasons we chose to homeschool in the first place and started to put weight on things that paled in comparison to our decision making reasons. ~Nikol

I agree with Nikol, once I finally made the decision to homeschool I felt such a relief and an overwhelming feeling that I was doing the right thing for our family.  But it’s hard not to doubt yourself, especially when you are making such a big decision not just for yourself.  Our child’s life experiences revolve around this decision and if we (my husband and I) are going to make this decision I wanted to know that I was prepared for Kade saying, “I want to go back to school!”  I was glad that the articles my sister sent, 31 Day Homeschool Bootcamp, covered a large variety of topics, just like this one.  ~Vanessa

I reached out to my support network (my sister) and she was super helpful giving me actionable steps to help. Then I spoke openly with my boys about the situation and we came up with a plan ahead of time. I love having an open dialogue with them about this process. We have been clear that Mom and Dad make the decisions, but we care about their feelings and opinions. So now we have a plan. Do you homeschool? What other roadblock/ bumps in the road are we going to come across? I feel very empowered to have a plan and know what is coming up ahead. Although we can not plan for everything, I love knowing about common pitfalls. ~Nikol

I have realized that homeschooling is so much more than the curriculum I choose.  It will change the dynamics of our family, my relationship with my children, and how we will run our household.  Did you “pull” your child out of school to homeschool?  What changes did you have to make to be successful?  ~Vanessa

homeschool cold feet - common homeschool first year pitfalls

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