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Homeschool Chat with Gracie Ball

1. What made you decide to homeschool your children?

Gracie’s oldest son would have been the youngest in the class or the oldest for another.  She never thought she’d homeschool her children, but she realized that she could move forward in some areas and stay behind in others.  Once she met some friends that homeschool, she listened to their stories and was able to join the co-op and she felt that she could do it!

2. Are you registered with the county/state? If not, how do you move through the grades?

Yes, she’s registered with the county.  In Florida, you need to register by February when your child is 6.  The end of each year a teacher can either review all the work or ask a series of questions to decide their progress.  It is not free, the teacher gives a report and you have to pay for the evaluation and report.  You only have to show progress and not specifics from the Sunshine State Standards.

3. What curriculum(s) do you use?

She is part of a larger co-op of Classical Conversations that includes curriculum each week to bring home and you meet each week for a class.

She also uses

Reading:  Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Math:  Right Start

Writing:  Composition Book

4. How did you find those curriculums?

She went to a homeschool conference in Jacksonville, FL.  The conferences do workshops for the curriculums so you can decide on the best curriculum for you.  There are national conferences as well.

5. Do you use workbooks, online, create your own curriculum?

Gracie opted to buy full books of curriculum and she uses Pinterest to create her own additions to the curriculum.  Including learning games, flash cards, and worksheets.

6. What is the purpose of your co-op (or any co-op for that matter)?

To review the curriculum and support each other and to let the children play together.

7. What would be the first few steps to START homeschooling? Maybe list 3-5 actually steps someone would have to take.

  • Find a group that is very supportive, like a co-op.
  • Create a schedule.  Figure out how it’s all going to work into the day.
  • Plan ahead.  Create a plan for the whole week.

8. Do you follow any Blogs for homeschooling?


9. Do you think you’ll homeschool until or into high school?

Gracie is playing it by ear!  She doesn’t see herself homeschooling middle school but she’s staying open to anything.  She does plan on homeschooling her youngest two as well.

10.  What about activities?

Her son goes to soccer and her daughter goes to dance and while they travel in the car they do many memorization songs and work.  It is an excellent utilization of time!

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