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Have I been Keeping My Word for the New Year?

Ok, to be honest this is the first time I’ve looked back at my goals for this year…  I have kept my word in mind, balance, that I decided on in my previous post, My Word For 2014.

So how have I done with the goals I created for myself?  I did break down some goals into daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals (so maybe I can quickly fit that monthly goal in this week!)

keeping my word


In my marriage goals I wanted to make sure we kept our weekly date nights, had a weekly work meetings so it wouldn’t interfere with our date nights, and I wanted to keep work separate.  I have to say that we have not mastered the weekly meeting… Hmmm, I really need to get on that.  We’ve been able to keep our date nights.   Do you do weekly date nights?  We have date nights IN when we don’t have a sitter or just can’t afford that extra night out.  After we put the kids to sleep we make or order dinner and watch a movie with a bottle of wine.  It saves us the money of going out all the time but still allows us to just be with each other.

There is another thing we added this month that I had not anticipated.  We started meeting with a small group from our church every Wednesday.  The last 14 months have been very difficult for my husband since he lost his father and it made it impossible for me to even get him to walk into a church.  Finally finding a church that my husband has found comfort in has been such a blessing.  What has been even more amazing for our marriage is his openness to take a night out of our week to go, just the two of us, to a church group and open himself up.  It will continue to be a priority.  I can only imagine the part of our marriage that with blossom from this new spiritual connection.


So, I might have been a tad bit optimistic on my goals to play a game every day with them.  Although it is pretty easy to accomplish this with my daughter that is home with me all day every day, it’s a little harder with my son when his day consists of:  school, after school activity, homework, dinner, bed.  I think I’ll have to revamp that goal… Maybe at least once during the school week!  The other goal of each of them having their own “day” every month is definitely going to keep me on my toes.  Luckily it worked out this month with a day at Pump it Up for my daughter and fishing with Daddy for my son.

The most rewarding and actually a little eye-opening was my goal to tell them 2-3 positives things they did that day each night.  My 3-year old daughter now asks me when I tuck her in, “What made you proud today Mommy!?”  She looks forward to me reliving her day and sharing with her the accomplishments I saw.  Every time she jumps up and hugs me and says, “Awwww Mommy, I’m so proud of you too!”  It makes me melt to know something so simple as to say, “I’m proud of the way you shared your toy with your brother today” could bring so much joy.  Although my six-year old son is not as animated in his response, I can see in his eyes how much it means to him that I notice even the smallest things he does well.  It has even opened up conversations that I hadn’t expected about his day.  It has been one of the most rewarding simple changes I’ve made in motherhood.


With my added training for my Half Ironman in April, it has not been easy to stay on top of my physical therapy for my injury, but I’m planning out my week and I have made sure to include it in my workouts.  I only hope that I can start increasing my milage so I can be ready for that half marathon after swimming and biking!  I have surpassed my goal to read one book a month by finishing 2 books this month, can I roll it over to February???  I have also already picked my next few books.  But man I hate cleaning so much everyday!  I have to say that taking 30 minutes to an hour every day has kept my head above water.  I am not one of those people that can clean one room every day.  For some reason I have to clean the whole house once a week.  I noticed that making myself stay on top of things during the week has cut my weekly cleaning in half, almost a third.  Those cleaning schedules on Pinterest make my head hurt, so I’m hoping this will continue to work for me!


I need to work more!  Working hours for a stay-at-home mom are so limiting and although I’ve stayed within my working hours this month, it just isn’t enough time.  I cannot get a week ahead like I would prefer but at least I have been posting!  Creating a work schedule that I am happy with that includes all the things I’m passionate about and all the necessities (like cooking and cleaning) is not going to be easy and will probably take more mistakes than successes, but I’m determined to master it this year… This will be the year of Balance!

Did you break down your resolution into smaller goals?  What successes have you had this month?

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