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Hate Coffee. Love Starbucks.

Yes. You read that correctly. As I sit here typing with my cup of tea, I am as shocked as you are.

I have always loved the idea of coffee. People who drink coffee are cool. They are tired from all the awesome things they are doing and they need COFFEE. I wanted to be like them. Like the crazy busy awesome people, doing awesome things, so they are so tired they need coffee people. Some people would say that I am crazy busy and awesome, others would probably call me lazy. What I call myself? That is for another post. Today it’s about coffee and why I don’t like it and why it should just be said.

For years I had convinced myself that I loved coffee. It meant that I fit in. It meant that I was tired from doing cool things. It meant that I was pretending to be someone I wasn't.

As I think back on my relationship with coffee a few things come to mind. Milk and sugar. Lots of milk and sugar. People would comment and gag at the amounts of milk and sugar I used to add to a regular cup ‘o joe. Starbucks was my go-to place for coffee. Most other coffee places would not do. Not because they didn’t have good coffee. The other patrons of the other coffee places looked plenty satisfied. So I am going to assume that this issue was unique to me.

When I decided to stay home and homeschool, regular trips to Starbucks were among the first of my luxuries to hit the chopping block. I went through ALL of the creamers available in the surrounding grocery stores and found my “it’s not Starbucks” happy place.  York® Peppermint Pattie coffee creamer by International Delight. Oh. My. Yes! This stuff is amazing. Not only can you add it to coffee, try your hot chocolate and add some to your White Russian (at night after the kids go to bed). The problem with my new found love affair was that the serving size is 1 tablespoon. I would use about 1/3 of my 16 oz Turvis tumbler travel coffee mug. You do that math…

I have been blissfully happy in my unhealthy addiction to the way I drank and made my coffee for years. Then one morning I woke up, made my coffee like I had been for a good while now and something was different. I didn’t like it! Like I could taste the coffee right through the ounces of creamer poured into my cup. I was stunned. I chalked it up to me not making the coffee correctly in my hastened state. Then it happened the next day, and the next! I was at a loss. I loved my morning ritual of “cool”. I grabbed my coffee just like everyone else on the internet. It was my “life line”. I was cool. Now what?! If I didn’t drink coffee by 10am, I got a headache. I was tired and being tired makes me grumpy.

So I grabbed a tea bag from our pantry. They had to be at least a year old. I made tea. When I made it, I only added honey. No milk. I took a sip… looooved it! What has happened to me?! I crave a good cup of Earl Grey tea now several times a day. I have a honey chamomile tea for the end of the day. It feels good not to be drinking cups of creamer daily. I went about my days with my new tea routine, but had to “test and confirm” my new found weirdness. It was a beautiful and crisp afternoon, when I was passing a Starbucks drive through. I pulled off, got into the lane and ordered my usual Cinnamon Dolce Frappaccino. As Joey would say, “mmm – good”. I still loved my favorite of my favorite drinks! A few days later (purely for research purposes) I got a Cinnamon Dolce latte. The. Same. Thing. Happened. I could taste the coffee right through all the milk, sugar, cinnamon, dolce, and cinnamon sugar sprinkles. Yuk. I simply couldn’t finish it.

After years if being a pseudo coffee lover, Nikol has finally come to grips that it is tea for her.

Having analyzed the situation for a bit, I have concluded, that Frappaccinos don’t count as “real coffee” and  I don’t like real coffee.

So there it is. I like tea.


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  1. Allison at #

    HA! Funny! I have to confess I have 2 cups of coffee in the morning and then, during that blissful naptime, I make a cup of Green Tea and put some Agave Nectar in it. Perfect. I am here to say I still think you’re cool (if that means much 😉 ).
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