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Goals for 2014

Do you set goals?

I have always set vague goals. Last year some of my goals were to “become fit”, “read more”, “be more organized” and my favorite “cook more”.  That is where I stopped. I don’t even remember them all. This year is going to be different. I didn’t want to post my goals for fear of not accomplishing them. So, I am facing fear and holding myself accountable. Here goes!

what is your word for 2014 #woty

My word for 2014 is consistency.

Consistency in my writing. Consistency with my schedule. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.

I have never picked a word before. Someone asked on Facebook what my word was and I typed Consistency without thinking. I am going to go with it. I am shaping my life to re-enforce my larger picture goals that I want for my family and part me getting from point A to point B is to just be consistent.  The goals listed below may seem very basic to some, but for the last year and a half  I let what I thought I should do lead me away from my basic responsibilities as a wife and Mom. I worked too much, I stressed too much, I slacked on my part of the house duties and that it all stopping. I let myself think that I am so busy and running a business takes so much. It does, but many people do it without letting the laundry pile up or the kids sit in front of the tv. So that is the direction for 2014. More connection, more responsibility, consistency.


1. Flirt with my husband when we are on our dates instead of turning them into business meetings.

2. Write a love note once a week.

3. No electronics in the bedroom.


1. Spend at least 15 minutes a day truly connecting with each child.

2. Read aloud nightly to the boys.

3.  Have a day of yes once a month.


1. Read one book a month.

2. Keep consistent wake/bed time.

3. Get out and move 4 days a week.


1. Do not say yes right away. Remember it is okay to say no.

2. Keep working hours as scheduled.

3. Be consistent in posting on websites.

Each month I will break these goals down and see how I did. Do you set goals? Do a lot of goals scare you?


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