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{Free Download} Organizing Your Desktop for Efficiency

I am a visual person. I love pen and paper and for some tasks can not use anything else. I love colors and for everything to have it’s place.

Switching from a paper system to a hybrid digital/paper system has not been an easy one for me.

Some of the challenges that I have run into are, I love crossing off tasks on paper, but I do not like rewriting tasks over and over again. I like recording stats on paper, but know the extensive features an excel spreadsheet offer. Then it hit me! I will set up my desktop to look like an organizer. This will help me keep the tasks I need on my computer front and center in an organized manor. My weekly and daily tasks are represented by empty folders. I have four main areas on my desktop.

To-Do This Week

In this section, I all the files I need for the week. If I have singular tasks, I create a folder for it and throw it in the trash when I am done.

To-Do Today

Only relevant files and folders for the day go in this section.


This is my version of crossing it off the list. At the end of the day, repeat tasks get moved to the holding zone at the bottom of the screen in the pink stripe or get thrown in the trash.

Holding Zone

This is the pink stripe at the bottom of the screen. This area is for files and folders that I need on a regular basis.

Organize your desktop with instructions

It is amazing how much time this process saves throughout the day, not to mention the drain on my brain! 

Every evening, I re-arrange my desktop for the next day. My favorite part is when I “throw a folder in the trash” for completed tasks. The sound it makes is even more satisfying than crossing an item off of a paper list. It’s kind of like having my very own cheering section!

Please feel free to DOWNLOAD  your own free copy BELOW! 

This is a .jpeg for best resolution on your screen. Click the image below and then “Save As”. Then you can “Right Click” on your desktop to “Change Desktop Background”

Organize your desktop with


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