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advent calendar

Christmas traditions are my favorite part of the holiday!

I remember as a kid I loved opening my little chocolate from the Advent Calendar.  But now a days traditions are MUCH more complicated!  Well, I have taken the complication out of a fun Advent Calendar for your family with this free printable.  Instead of stuffing your calendar with candy or presents, print out these labels and stick a fun activity in each day.

The Advent calendar now isn’t just a little candy hiding behind a cardboard door…  When we first bought our adorable Pottery Barn Advent Calendar I filled everyday will candy or presents (matchbox cars).  There are enough sweet treats during this holiday season and I didn’t want to add just another.  And really, a matchbox car for almost every day?!  Who can afford that every year, especially if you have more than one child?  And if you have more than two children, it probably won’t even fit!  I decided to change how I did our Advent Calendar all together.  I wanted it to reflect the spirit of Christmas, not just be another item for my children to add to their already overflowing playroom.  So, I started to write down the things we do during the Christmas season:

  1. See Santa
  2. Go to the Nutcracker
  3. Donate toys
  4. Make treats for our neighbors

Once I made the list I asked my son and daughter for fun ideas they would like to do this holiday season.  Some of them were adorable and more fun than anything I could have come up with!

  1. Snowball fight with cotton balls (we live in Florida 🙂
  2. Hot Cocoa by the fire
  3. Decorate mini Christmas tree
  4. Buy a new Christmas decoration

Advent calendar list

I created the printable you see, printed it on card stock (or construction paper) and then cut each one out and matched it to our calendar.  I just made sure that I put “Go the the Nutcracker” on the correct date!  Luckily you can easily move an activity if it doesn’t work out.  Plus, I printed off extra easy activities like “Treat!” so I could just hand them a cookie if I’m just too tired to make that popcorn garland.

Use my printable for your Advent Calendar or create your own.  What activities did you think of that I don’t have?  I love new ideas!


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