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It’s been a while since you have heard from us. Here is the deal. When we commit to something we go all in. We research and get all the “you shoulds” and “best practices” lodged in our brain. We want a gold star, so we watch metrics and stats and email subscriptions and likes. We over extend ourselves in the name of “doing it right”. 

What happens when you do that? You burn out. You are over scheduled, over stressed and not really enjoying what you are doing. We started this blog to have a place to share the important things that we were talking about because we love to share information.  It was a great relief to take a break, but now our schedules have enough room in them to start to dream about our little community. We miss chatting with you ladies. Y’all are the best. We are longing to see the good in the world and to be in a positive place. So we have an idea…

Fun facebook Group to not take things too seriously.


We are starting the Mom Complicated Facebook Group! What we miss about this blog is YOU! Let’s hangout and chat. We are leaving drama at the door. This is a non-negotiable. Let’s create a place that not only gives us information, it gives us a place to get support and see the hope that the world is still a good place with good people.

This time around we are doing things a little differently. Our blogging schedule will be announced in a little while. For now, come join us and let’s get this party started!

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