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Florida Homeschool Options: Chat with Christina Lewis & Alicia Paley

Are you thinking about homeschooling your child in Florida?  Here in Jacksonville there are options for your family and we are chatting with Christina Lewis and Alicia Paley to find out what they are!

Christina Lewis has been homeschooling her daughter for a year and a half and Alicia Paley has been homeschooling for 10 years.

Alicia home schools a sophomore in high school, a 5th grader, a Kindergartener, and a Preschooler.  Alicia was an educator herself and never imagined she would homeschool her children.  Her oldest went to one of the best public elementary schools in the country but she still decided to pull her son out of the school system and home school him.  Watch her whole story, it really resonated with me.

Christina home schools her second grader and also has 2 younger ones at home.  Her daughter was in private school but the school was not accommodating her learning disability so Christina turned to prayer and found the answer to be homeschooling.  She makes some great points through her story.

Paperwork Options:

Register with the county or use an Umbrella School.  There are many different umbrella schools in Jacksonville.

The Umbrella School just handles the paperwork.  So you don’t have to contact the county or get portfolio evaluations.  You pay a fee, submit attendance, and lesson plans and they keep the records for you.  They do transcripts,  handle dual enrollment, and many other records or paperwork you may need for your child.

Alicia and Christina are part of The Rock School.

Jacksonville Information for Home schoolers:

H.E.R.I.   Home Education Resources & Information offers a convention, workshops, even a graduation for high schoolers.


Classical Conversations is a larger co-op that is in an actual class setting that you go to once a week.  It covers history, science, art, music and you receive a curriculum for the week.  You can find one in your area and registration is happening now for next year.  You can also create your own small co-op group that is more of a social setting for your child.

What are their suggestions to new home school parents:

Decide if you want to use an umbrella school or register with the county.

Read Peter Gray’s book Free To Learn.  Read as many homeschool books and blogs as you can for information.

Talk to other homeschooling moms!

Alicia has even more suggestions and answers questions in her post here.


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