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February GOALS Update

Do you even have goals by this point?

I’m just kidding. No, not really. If I didn’t have to stay accountable on the blog, I would have completely forgotten that I set any kind of goals this year. How are you doing? Be honest. If you are knocking it out of the park, please tell me! Have you changed any of your goals? I have decided one that I have is stupid. I hate it. I don’t know if it’s because it’s hard or if it really is silly. I have also changed the category it is in because I decided it sounded very wrong where it is currently. It should just move right on off my list, we’ll see. Alrighty, let’s see how I did this month!

February goals update from Nikol Murphy at


1. Flirt with my husband when we are on our dates instead of turning them into business meetings.

We spent most of the month sick. First my husband was sick, then I was and now the kids. So no date for us this month.

2. Write a love note once a week.

I did this once. Poor hubby…

3. No electronics in the bedroom.

This has been moved to personal. I have decided it sounds um… dirty under this category. <– insert giggle here



1. Spend at least 15 minutes a day truly connecting with each child.

Yes! Although, I have to admit it has felt a bit like research, I have been trying to “see” into the depths of their soul to determine what topics they want to learn about in homeschool.

2. Read aloud nightly to the boys.

Whoops! We have been taking more trips to the library and reading there.

3.  Have a day of yes once a month.

That has fallen on the first day of the month of next month. Simply due to timing. We have it planned. Blog post coming!


1. Read one book a month.

Not even close. I have been listening to podcasts and reading tons of article about blogging though!

2. Keep consistent wake/bed time.

This continues to be a struggle for me. Although I am getting better. I am hoping that my brain will join me in rising early soon.

3. Get out and move 4 days a week.

Yup. This is a big win. We have started walking to activities. We live within a half of a mile from 4 parks, a bike trail, the library and the grocery store. So we walk places on nice days. It’s been weird, but nice.


1. Do not say yes right away. Remember it is okay to say no.

YES! Still winning on this front and recently said a very big NO.

2. Keep working hours as scheduled.

Yes, although the boys are out of school for a month, so my work hours are different than they normally are.

3. Be consistent in posting on websites.

So very close on this. We missed two (?) Mom News posts last week. But our main articles have been consistent.

How have you been doing? Did you have goals or just a word? Did you forget you took the time to set goals and review them like me? Let me know in the comments below. I am kind of obsessed with what people intentionally do in their lives. :)

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