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Earth Day Activities for Kids

My son is in first grade and has recently become very aware and concerned for our earth.  Since my husband is a fisherman and surfer, we are a family that tends to put a lot of emphasis on how to care for nature.  But on that same note my husband is a contractor and levels lots to build houses…  When our son realized his Daddy was cutting down trees to put up a house, he was not very happy and began to lecture my husband about how he was taking oxygen away from us.  Forget about the conversation when he also realized that the lumber used were actual trees.


Earth Day, April 22nd, is especially important for our son this year.  These are some activities he asked to do and a few fun Pinterest ideas I found:

Plant a Tree

Construction is booming in our area and my son cringes every time we drive by and he sees more trees being cut down.  One day he asked me, “Can I plant a tree?”  So, this year we are heading to the nursery to pick out a sapling.

Pick up Trash

There is an older couple in our neighborhood that spends one day a week picking up trash along our main road.  Kade asked me, “Who pays them?”  I explained that they volunteer their time to clean up the earth and keep our neighborhood pretty.  He decided that would be his second activity on Earth Day.

Nature Walk & Scavenger Hunt

I found this cute free printable for a scavenger hunt for the family on Pinterest from  I can’t wait to take the kids to a local park!


Earth Day Song

My kids love songs!  I know they will love to sing it, and what a great way to pass time while we pick up trash.  Fantastic Fun and Learning has this easy and adorable song.



Upcycling Art and Science

Recycling doesn’t have to be just in a bin, I love letting the kids reuse items to create art.  Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi has some cute ideas on how to create crafts with your garbage:  Styrofoam Structures, Necktie Snakes, Egg Carton Train, Color Wheel, and Magazine Earth Collage.  There is even a Litter/Water Pollution experiment you can do at home!

Although these activities are geared toward Earth Day, I love that they can be done throughout the year to better our environment, teach our children to respect the earth, and be mindful of nature and all it has to offer.  Every Spring we plant a Butterfly Garden in the backyard and are never disappointed!

What are you planning for Earth Day?  Do you have some favorite nature activities?

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