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Clean that Tub Ring with an Orange!

I have tried many natural cleaning products and ideas since I decided to decrease the amount of chemicals we use in our lives.  After gallons of expensive organic cleaners, vinegar, and epsom salt… I gave up.  Clorox it was for that ring around the tub because NOTHING else was working!


Then, one day I thought about all the different “natural ingredients” in cleaners and decided to try orange individually instead of as an added ingredient in my homemade cleaner.  I cut an orange in half and used it as a sponge against the area I had the most trouble with, the ring around the tub.  What I found amazed me– the orange actually cut through the line in the tub!  As I scrubbed the ring I noticed it was beginning to disappear with almost no effort from me!  I turned the orange over to see it full of dirt (disgusting!); it was getting rid of the soap scum and cleaning the ring without any harsh chemicals.  It took the whole orange for me to clean the entire tub.  I used the center as a sponge and then flipped it over and used the rind as a scrub brush on harder areas.

No more clorox or harsh chemicals for me!  After I cleaned the ring around the tub I also cleaned the rest of the tub with vinegar and water.  I sat back and basked in my clean, chemical-free tub!

The best part about cleaning with citrus… It’s WAY less money than those expensive organic cleaners!  1 orange, 83¢.

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2 Responses to Clean that Tub Ring with an Orange!

  1. Irene at #

    Interesting…. I am going to have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

    • Vanessa Law at #

      Let me know how is goes Irene!

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