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Let's go on a social media diet

Social Media Diet

Let’s talk Facebook. Many of us opened an account on Facebook “because our friends were there”. I still remember when I opened my account. After setting up my name and password, I was prompted to “find my friends”. I tried out and was never a fan of My Space, so this was my first […]

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I posted my status update with the wrong privacy setting

Changing Your Facebook Status Privacy

Facebook automatically “remembers” the last privacy setting used when you post a status update. This can cause a panic attack on an otherwise normal day. We have all been there. You post a Facebook status update only to realize that the privacy setting was incorrect. We are all familiar with the sinking feeling that comes […]

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Google Local Page vs Google Plus Page

Google Local Page or Regular Page?

Profile, page or local page? That is the question! If you have a business that has a local customer base, you should consider using a Google Local Page. Google has been working on modifying the pages for local and you can now choose options to declare you service the surrounding areas and you have the […]

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wahm options - online boutique with Jessica Throneburg

WAHM Options – Online Retail Boutique with Jessica Throneburg

Jessica Throneburg owns Little Details and Little Details on Etsy. Welcome to Little Details, your source for personalized gifts and boutique items! You’ll find the latest trends at customer friendly prices, but with the convenience of shopping online!   I know a lot of people are doing this, I’m going to do it different and […]

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