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Simplifying Christmas with Mom Complicated

3 Steps to Simplify your Christmas

Oh yes. It is the middle of September and I am going to talk about Christmas. We each have our own traditions and our own financial situations. One thing most of us have in common is that we (me) over complicate the whole process and possibly fail to plan. Possibly. It may just be me… […]

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choosing not to overschedule your children

Choose Not to Overschedule

I have read many different blog posts and articles about letting children have free time and not scheduling their every moment of life.  I don’t remember having an after school activity (except playing at a friend’s house) until middle school. Now we have 2-year olds in preschool, soccer, swim, t-ball, basketball, dance, tennis, music, gymnastics, […]

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mirrors of friendship

Mirrors of Friendship

There are two kinds of mirrors:  the ones that make you look awesome and the ones that should be in a Fun House! Have you ever walked by a mirror and thought, “I cannot really look like that!”? Just as I have walked past mirrors that I wondered if I walked into a Fun House, […]

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