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NO SUGAR for 30 Days

No Sugar for 30 Days

I never thought I’d say this… I don’t crave sweets. Yes, I do not crave ice cream, cookies, brownies, or any type of sweet any longer! I’ll go even further. Sweets are not even appealing to me anymore. Nope, I’m not lying or exaggerating.  I actually looked at a chocolate, chocolate cake, which normally would […]

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Sugar Free 30 days

No Sugar?!?!

I wanted something sweet after every meal, not just at night after dinner.  It was getting so bad that I started breaking the bag of chocolate chips open while my kids weren’t looking soon after breakfast and just shove a handful into my mouth! A few weeks ago I decided after Christmas I was going […]

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Mom to Triathlete {Beginner Questions Series}

Mom To Triathlete

Are you thinking of racing your first triathlon?  There can be a million questions that you might have so I’m creating a Beginner Triathlon Series. When I decided to train for my first triathlon I was lucky that my running coach actually had a program designed just for moms that wanted to get into the […]

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