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Easy Chewy Granola Bar Recipe

Easy Chewy Granola Bar Recipe

During my 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge I decided to also cut added sugar from the snacks my children were eating.  I was shocked by how much sugar was in all the organic “healthy” snacks they were eating.  Since I started Clean Eating four years ago I have wanted to make my own granola bars […]

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Sugar Free 30 days

No Sugar?!?!

I wanted something sweet after every meal, not just at night after dinner.  It was getting so bad that I started breaking the bag of chocolate chips open while my kids weren’t looking soon after breakfast and just shove a handful into my mouth! A few weeks ago I decided after Christmas I was going […]

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Tips for beginners on fueling your body for race training

Tips for Beginners on Fueling Your Body For Race Training

When I first began running I didn’t realize that I didn’t need to just eat, but I needed to eat the right foods to fuel my body.  I had never used protein powder, I had thought protein bars were for weight loss, and had no idea what Gu was…  sounded like something stuck to the […]

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