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#Blogging411 – I Started a Blog. Now what?!

It feels so good to make the decision to start a blog! You have an idea of what you are going to write about and you have made the difficult decisions of blog name and hosting option.

What is next? In order to set yourself up for success I suggest that you consider several points.

1. What are your initial evergreen articles topics?

2. Do you have an email list provider?

3. How many times a week will you post?

Tune in Wednesday April 2nd at 8pm to join us in the conversation.

#Blogging411 Learn to run a business online!

Here is how to do it:

1. Click the “Join the conversation LIVE” link down below. You can ask questions or make comments in the comment section of the event and we will see them.

2. Use the hashtag #Blogging411 on Twitter and we will see those questions as well.

If we do not address your comment or question online, we will make sure to do it after the show.

Click to join the conversation LIVE on Google+

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  1. allison at #

    I am so excited to do this!

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